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Comment Re:What? (Score 2, Insightful) 613

"If you can't do the job, I'll find somebody else who can"

"I just worked 80 hours this week covering your idiotic timeline, and you have have the audacity to come to me and threaten me?!?!? You are one really stupid twit of a manager. I'll be at my house until you grow a brain. When you call me to ask for help completing your clusterfuck project, you should know that from now on I will only work as an independent contractor and my hourly rate just multiplied by ten.

And just in case you still don't understand what I'm telling you, just do me one little tiny favor please... ... ... go fuck yourself."

Bosses who try the "if u can't x, I'll find y who can" on me might as well say, "Hi, verbally abuse me for the next 5 minutes please."

Comment Re:As an interviewer I agree (Score 1) 372

"If it comes across as sloppy, with no attention to detail, then that often (not always, but it's a matter of the odds here) indicates a sloppy person who pays no attention to detail."

Which can be a positive factor if you're hiring a technical person (sloppy because thinking about tech stuff all the time), or a natural leader (doesn't care about detail, excels at strategy and leaves the details to middle management). Judging somebody based off the formatting of a resume just isn't a smart thing to do. The content of a resume is another matter entirely.

Comment Re:Protecting yourself? (Score 0, Flamebait) 508

science is a study, a tool, a means, an observation, and an analysis. believing that the only true scientist is the one who uses the tool of science to gain knowledge and then not monetize that knowledge makes you a fucking nutjob.

as for the greedy student who makes a million dollars... do you really think he's going to sit on that money and do nothing with it? Or do you think he's going to spend it on a house, a car, some new clothes, a few expensive whores, and invest a large portion of the leftover money in equities? See, that's what we call productivity and it makes the economy work... go make a million dollar idea and then spend and invest about 90% of it, please... everybody... now...

or give it to some charitable non-profit so they have cashflow to cover salary for the next year so some lazy hippie fucks can sit around and get paid for doing something a trained monkey and/or 12 year old could do.

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