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Comment Re:Hardware is so much better? (Score 1) 76

Blame the environmentalists, its the shitty solder. Got a customer who is an engineer, I fix his PCs, he fixes my electronics and you have no idea how many times he has popped the back off a device of mine just to find tin whiskers.

So IMHO its a perfect example of how the "we have to DO something!" mentality nearly always leads to failure, as they got rid of lead in solder to "protect the environment!"....only to end up creating fricking mountains of e-waste because gear that before would easily last a decade is now lucky if it lasts 3 years thanks to all the shit solder shorting everything out.

Comment Re:Staff have to be smart again (Score 1) 76

Oh lord the puppies don't remember their history!

DirectX became a "thing" because of "The Lion King" on PC. A lot of the OEMs sold a shitload of units with the Lion King game preloaded, IIRC it was Xmas season 94. All these kids came down on Xmas morning to play...only to find out the game didn't work on like 90% of the hardware out there. Of course nobody blamed the shitty programmers for only supporting a couple of chips, nope they blamed Windows 3.1 and MSFT and had a royal stinking shitfit, even ended up on the nightly news, kinda a "MSFT is the Grinch that crapped on Xmas" angle.

Well if there was one thing that MSFT under Billy didn't like? It was bad press, so next thing you know they announce "Direct3D" and "DirectDraw" to solve this very problem of every game needing drivers for every bit of kit. Later on they combined the different APIs into what is now called DirectX.

Comment Re:Was Obvious from the Start (Score 1) 290

I would say not only that but people that are into watches? These things are about as appealing as ass cancer. You talk to people that actually spend real money on a watch? They will talk your ears off about Swiss movements and dial faces and all the beautiful craftsmanship and are NEVER gonna get that level of detail and care in what is essentially a little computer strapped to your wrist, you just aren't. Great watches are really these things out of time, with their little gears and springs, you can almost picture some watchmaker with an eyepiece working on this delicate little instrument, you just aren't gonna get that kinda vibe from a circuit board and an LCD panel, you just aren't.

Hell even the geeks I talked to that like watches didn't want these things, they want a Nixie watch like the woz has or one of those cool LED watches from the 70s, so I have no clue who they expected to buy these.

Comment Re:It's time for an Android alternative (Score 1) 153

Cyanogen is all but dead friend. I know I'll get shit but you want a tablet YOU control? Get one of those Windows 10 tablets, nice thing about those is since its a desktop OS you can run something like ShutUp10 and run a nice light third party firewall to make sure nothing gets out that YOU don't approve of. You can also replace all the default apps with any programs you normally use on a desktop, replace the browser with Pale Moon or Comodo Dragon, replace the trial of office 365 with LibreOffice, etc.They have them starting at $47 on Amazon for the 7 inch models but personally I'd spend a little more and get one of the 2GB models because you can never have too much RAM.

I'm just glad I hung onto my little netbook, I can run any OS from BSD to XP on it, was easily upgraded to 8GB of RAM, thanks to the AMD APU I can use it as a 1080P HTPC and even after 5 years I still get nearly 3 and a half hours on a battery. Now I just need to get off my behind and upgrade the HDD with an SSD, its a bit of a PITA to do with one of those EEEs but I've seen vids of the performance gains you get on one when you do it so its worth the hassle.

Comment Re: Windows 10 is possibly the worst spyware ever (Score 1) 285

If it makes Windows solid, with no crashes and spyware? Sure bring it on, can't be any worse than what Google and Apple are doing.

And if you are saying this "cuz Linux" I honestly do not care, Linux can DIAF because for 20+ damned years we have watched the Linux community fuck themselves up and shoot themselves in the face over and over AND OVER with one dumb as fuck move after another. I swear after dealing with Linux for the better part of a decade I am now sure its run from bizzaroland, where the devs go "quick things am starting to get stable and users am happy! We must rip out major subsystem so the OS is sent backwards half a decade and will take years just to get back to where it was, then users will feel they am 'leet' if they can just get the thing to run! Aren't we am smart?"

So at this point I have zero fucks to give, if Billy came back and put out an OS that run was well as XP X64 or Win 7 X64? He could be as big a douchenozzle as he wanted, I have zero doubt you'd have hundreds of millions lining up to sing his praises after 3 stinkers in a row. Again couldn't be any worse than Google with their rigging search results to support their political investments and putting more and more APIs behind the Playwall or Apple hiring companies to make its products that treat workers so badly they had to put suicide nets outside the factories to keep visitors from being hit by falling workers.

Comment Re:Hilarious (Score 2) 186

As much as I think Win 10 is a spyware ridden joke OS I really don't see how anybody can blame MSFT for this.

I mean can you even imagine being handed a bunch of tech just a couple of hours before the game, trying to make it all play nice with a flaky Internet connection you have NO control over and then if that wasn't bad enough to have it taken away at the end of the game so you have to start all over the next time? That is a fricking IT nightmare from hell and whomever at the NFL thought that was the way to go? Needs a really good firing.

Comment Re:Why go for fluff instead of meat? (Score 4, Insightful) 171

Especially since its bullshit as the Wikileaks email drop shows Tim Kaine getting the VP was a quid pro quo for him stepping down as DNC chair so she could put her pal Debbie Wasserman Schultz in the seat which helped her control the primary.

That is one thing I have to give HRC redit for, she is an evil manipulated power hungry greedy bitch but she does think ahead and play the long game, reminds me of Francis Underwood in HOC.

Comment Re:Windows 10 is possibly the worst spyware ever m (Score 4, Interesting) 285

Ya know what? Lets just ignore the spying for a moment, all the nasty hidden shit that requires 41 pages of switches, GPOs, and reg hacks to get rid of not to mention that most of which will ONLY work on Win 10 Enterprise, AKA "the one you have to rent for all eternity", lets just pretend all of that doesn't exist,mmmkay?


When people came to me to get rid of Windows 8 it was strictly because of the UI and when I showed most of them classic shell? They were happy, but Windows 10? People are coming to me saying "OMFG this thing just keeps crashing GET THIS THING OFF MY PC!!!", I swear I haven't seen so many hangs, crashes, and outright BSODs since Windows 95! I know 90s nostalgia is a thing but I seriously doubt anybody was saying "Ya know what I miss? I miss my PC just throwing a BSOD at random intervals"

Can we get Bill Gates back PLEASE? They replaced a moron whose idea of running the company was "Hey lets just ape Apple without knowing why people like Apple" with a complete dipshit who thinks moving the company forward is "hey lets just ape Google without knowing why people like Google, oh and lets take out flagship product and make it so fucking buggy and crashy it gives people Windows 3.1 flashbacks, yeah thats the ticket"....Say what you will about Bill Gates, he may have been a douchebag but he was a douchebag that had focus, and he sure as hell didn't put out 3 stinkers in a row!

Comment Re:Solve problems on Earth first (Score 2) 265

Riiight, you DO know we've been having to cripple our planes for damned near a half a century...right? You see starting waaay back with the F-14 our planes could take more g-forces than the pilots and this issue has been coming up in flight since the 1930s which is why the Stuka had automatic flaps, so the plane would pull out of a dive if the pilot blacked out. the plane would be fine of course but the pilot? Snooze city. This is why its stupid to continue making piloted aircraft, our tech is so far beyond what a puny meatsack can take its not even funny.

And lets be honest the ONLY thing the F-35 is good for is making defense contractors a shitload of cash, its been nothing but a giant fucking dud. Its ironic as we've become the Axis in WWII, ignoring tried and true weapons systems like the F-15, F-16, and F-18 for "wonder weapons" that just like the ones in WWII are too expensive, unreliable, and spend more time in the shop than they do in the field. Oh and if you want "stealth" which has been proven to be easily defeated simply by changing the bands used by the radar? Look up "F-15 Stealth Eagle" which you can buy last I checked FOUR of them for every one of the techno turkey, and unlike the techno turkey the F-15 actually flies and doesn't have everything from the oxygen system to the software crapping out every other week.

As for the Russians bombing ISIS? Frankly after the Wikileaks drop showing just how fucking corrupt so many in the current administration is and how in bed Hillary is with Saudi Arabia and Qatar? I would want a second opinion if they told me it was raining, I sure as fuck ain't gonna believe a word they say about Russia with Shillary going "Ignore the corruption behind the curtain, its all Russia's fault I'm a scheming witch!".

Comment Re:War under false pretenses (Score 1) 352

Lying under oath to congress, destroying evidence after being issued a subpoena, lying to the FBI...those 3 alone are worth 20 years according to FBI statutes and we haven't even talked about what was revealed in the emails like the pay to play or the "FOB" deals in Haiti which could easily have gotten her on the RICO act and frankly they have gotten mobsters on conspiracy with less.

Comment Re:Clinton, Podesta, Putin and Trump (Score 0, Offtopic) 435

If the Guccifer 2 rumor is true and a week before the election he is gonna drop a hidden cam vid of Hillary calling a black female staffer a "stupid n*gger bitch"? I'd be happy to take those odds, you could make a killing!

And for anybody that doubts she would say that? Read what Billy's former secret service said about Hillary, her calling them something like that would probably be considered a nice day as according to them she treated everyone that worked for her like slaves and talked to them about as well.

Comment Re:War under false pretenses (Score 4, Insightful) 352

It just shows how truly fucked up and corrupted this country is when so many get called right wingers for NOT wanting to go to war without concrete evidence from reputable sources just because the war mongers have a D instead of an R, and as far as the FBI is concerned? After their very own head got in front of congress and admitted under oath that Hillary was guilty of at least a dozen crimes, any one of which at the very least would warrant stripping of security status and at worst were worth a MINIMUM of 5-10 years a pop and he STILL refused to press any charges or bring it before a jury for the people to decide? If the FBI told me it was raining I'd want a second opinion, they are about as untrustworthy as the CIA at this point.

Comment Re:Yeah. Right (Score 1) 367

Did you not even bother to watch, or are you to busy slurping the koolaid? Because it clearly shows Google's own trending stats show their excuse is a lie because the terms they are offering up which according to them is based on trending stats? DOESN'T FUCKING TREND AT ALL!

When you have 3 search engines, one of which is run by a guy who is working for the Hillary campaign, which just FYI he has admitted is 100% true, and 2 out of 3 give results that are based on what is trending and the other ONLY gives results that are pro Hillary? I'm sorry but you have to be a fucking retard not to see the corruption there, its literally a case of "who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?"

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