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Comment Re:Maybe folks have re-evaluated "value" (Score 1) 113

An anomaly to be sure. What percentage of Android phones in use do you think the OnePlus makes up? 0.1%? It also carried all the horrendous security flaws of Android over the last couple of years and runs CyanogenMod which is now essentially defunct. Oh and ridiculous invite system and long delays. And let's not forget that the iPhone 6 camera was light years ahead of the OnePlus One and it's a 5.5" phone -- thats bordering on phablet, coming in at 20% heavier than the iPhone 6 (it's competition at the time). That's not even mentioning things like TouchID. I haven't typed in a passcode since the iPhone 5 and I'll never go back.

The new versions of the OnePlus (3) shipped with bugs and a significantly increased cost ($399). The reviews also panned it's poor display and absurd "20 app limit".. The 3T I believe solved some of the display issues, but wasn't exactly critically received.

So even if the OnePlus One was probably the best Android phone ever made, it still had serious issues, and isn't a good alternative today.

Comment Re:Maybe folks have re-evaluated "value" (Score 1) 113

Four year old iphone runs great, not sure what you're referring to? What wear and tear, you put it in a $10 case and it's as good as the day you bought it four years later.

You get stability, ease of use, timely updates, excellent security,

You can't be serious? What are these $300 android phones with "ease of use" (ie non brain dead skins), "timely updates" that don't take 6 months to make it through the carrier, if ever (at least in the US) and "excellent security" ? you have to be kidding me. FWIW I'm sitting here with an iPhone SE and an LG Nexus, so I'm far from a fanboy, but let's be honest with ourselves here. My LG is a cheap backup that lets me play with Android. I didn't buy it because it runs great after a couple years or has "excellent security".

Comment Re:Maybe folks have re-evaluated "value" (Score 5, Insightful) 113

I always wondered why one would pay over US$900 for something that has functionality of other devices at half the cost; and would be "obsolete" in a year.

Stability, ease of use, frequency of updates, much better overall security, etc, etc. iPhone is far from obsolete in 1-2 years, they receive updates for at least four.

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