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Comment Re:WINE (Score 3, Interesting) 202

That would't make business sense. I think this move is a strategically great move of Microsoft.

The price of operating systems is steadily approaching zero. macOS updates are free and the OS comes with the hardware. ChromeOS is free. Microsoft already provides the license for free for smaller devices. PC sales are slowing and that's what moves OS licenses. People have fewer reasons to upgrade. What Microsoft realized is that hardware and services are the future, not operating system licenses. And to capitalize on that, they need their software to run everywhere. That means Visual Studio for Mac and SQL Server for Linux.

So no, I really don't believe helping the WINE project is a bad move for Microsoft at this point. Anything that increases adoption of Microsoft software and services is what matters now.

Comment Re:What?! (Score 1) 50

I think that type of work (developing network transport algorithms) is done by a vanishingly small amount of programmers, who would definitely need to have strong math skills. But the reality is, for the vast majority of programming that's done (ie business web apps) you need only pretty basic math skills. I think high school algebra would suffice for most of it.

Comment Simple Solution (Score 1) 120

The simple solution is this: anytime you get these unsolicited emails with no way to globally opt-out from Amazon, just go give the product a 1 star review and say: "I will continue to issue 1 star reviews until Amazon allows me to opt-out".

I've been doing this for a while, sometimes Amazon will come and delete your review and say it's not allowed because it's not about the transaction. That's totally fine. The goal is to make this so burdensome for Amazon that eventually they will allow us to opt-out of these emails. If they receive a few thousand of these reviews a day, eventually policing them will be so expensive in man hours that they will be forced to allow us to opt-out globally and preemptively from these messages.

Comment Re:Migrating (Score 1) 157

Got a source for that figure? There are a lot of financial considerations around moving to the cloud. Like moving from capital to operational expenses and the flexibility to scale up/down with M&A or divestitures. Sometimes the flexibility provided by PaaS can deliver much better value to an organization.

Comment Re:We have these (Score 1) 163

Office doesn't annotate well enough for law.

I think you need to be more specific than "the law". Our lawyers frequently use Microsoft Word for redlining contracts, works great. Sharepoint Document Libraries actually work really well for storing these. There are certainly lots of other systems that work as well, or better (ie Enterprise File Sync and Share Applications like Box, Syncplicity, etc).

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