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Comment Re:Here is a radical idea.. (Score 1) 341

This is a model that's brought up frequently, and my personal favorite. Like a lot of things, bringing the power to a local municipality to make these decisions is critical. It also ties someone's re-election to the quality of my Netflix video, which is fantastic culpability at a very direct and local level.

Comment Re:doubts (Score 1) 341

I have the same inherent concern, but I start from the premise that the internet as as important as roads or power. Second of all, these telcoms have a natural monopoly by being assigned the MSO (which there is massive collusion between cable providers to allow, its basically like a mafia boss meeting) and the LEC laws. So best case you have a government granted duopoly. Third, we've seen successful deregulation to breakup these monopolies in the past all over the world.

The model that interests me is allowing the municipality to own the local infrastructure and then internet providers pay for access to the last mile.

I am absolutely a free-market capitalist, but the problem is we've already strangled broadband with regulation. We have to rethink the model, it's not working nearly as well as it should be.

Comment RTFM (Score 1) 214

Note: Workers refers to wage and salary workers. The self-employed are not included.

How much of the "gig-economy", the exact thing that we all believe causes shorter "tenure", is being excluded entirely? Certainly at least a couple percentage points, right?

A Millenial

Comment Dark Territory (Score 1) 259

Currently about half way through Dark Territory: The Secret History of Cyber War. It borders on being too factual to really be engaging, but it still manages to be relatively interesting. it's certainly informative and a little bit terrifying (of course).

Next two on my list are:

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