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Comment Re:I have a out of this world solution (Score 1) 46

This is rather odd, considering how manual malware reverse engineering works. Usually when you get a sample to dissect, you already know that it's a bogey. So it not doing what it's supposed to do is a quick way to become even more interesting, and finding that reason shouldn't take a good AV researcher more than an hour, tops.

It also doesn't really add to the complexity of the analysis, creating/copying a handful of documents into your VM isn't that big a deal, what you'll probably do is to clean up, copy the files in, create a new base image and run from there. The delay this would cause is minimal.

This as a hurdle for human researchers makes rather little sense, to be honest.

Comment Re:Stupid comments aside... (Score 2) 46

Viruses. In English, at least. In Latin, it would be vira. Third declination, not second.

And while I can at least understand that people who don't understand Latin but somehow learned that -us becomes -i in plural (yes, if it's 2nd and masculine instead of neuter), where the fuck does that second "i" come from?

Comment Re:I have a out of this world solution (Score 1) 46

Brilliant. Pure genius. Nobody ever could come up with this idea.

No, but seriously. The point is that this thwarts automatic detection tools. Of course, if a human is examining the malware, he will dissect it and analyze it and quickly realize that it counts documents. The automated tool will only notice that it does ... well, nothing.

Comment Re: Curly braces = good. Indents = bad. (Score 1) 125

Two major issues. One- indent only code is nearly impossible to find bugs in. I've seen teams of programmers look for weeks for the source of an issue, it ended up being 1 line that used a tab instead of spaces. Indentation fails because of such issues.

Secondly, you can't copy paste cleanly from the web with an indentation based language.

Either of those is a disqualified by itself. Both together make it such a brain dead choice nobody should even look at a language that uses it

Comment My goodness, those are fugly (Score 3, Informative) 80

I was picturing something more like Oakley's MP3 glasses, but with a super-flat little camera between your eyes. Instead it's a child's toy. They got the button on the device right (because it makes it obvious when you're recording) but they seem to have everything else wrong, including the price. That's too much for something that goofy.

Comment Re:OMG (Score 1) 143

There is no shortage of algae, it is overgrowing waterways worldwide. The stuff that falls towards the ocean bottom is often eaten before it even gets there, and there is life in the bottom of the deepest parts of the ocean working to turn the remainder of the waste into life again.

On the other hand, oceanic algae (which "produces" most of our breathable oxygen) has been driven subsurface by UV, which reduces respiration.

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