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Submission + - BOFH Finally Caught! (

johnthorensen writes: In a scheme that seems ripped from the annals of Simon Travaglia's BOFH, an employee of the District of Columbia has been charged with defrauding his employer. Yusuf Acar and his (I-can't-make-this-up) private-contractor accomplice Sushil Bansal, were charged this morning for their involvement.

Together, the duo billed the District of Columbia for inventory that was never delivered, and billed time for "ghost" contract employees who never worked. In total they made off with around $350,000, of which $70,000 in cash was found at Acar's home.

The FBI raided the office this morning and presumably found, among other things, a large cattle prod.

Read more here.


Submission + - Intel, a Retrospective

johnthorensen writes: I found a recently-posted retrospective on Intel over at FastSilicon. The article covers their history since the Intel 4004 and goes into some of the missteps surrounding their foray into the NetBurst architecture. A good read if you want to get the big picture on what's been happening at Intel since their inception.

From the article: 'As the creators of the x86 architecture, it's nice to see that Intel has once again become the supplier of choice for those of us to whom reliability and performance are all-important. There has been an overwhelming tendency for the industry to polarize itself over the past several years, and we hope that even AMD fans can appreciate Intel for its contributions past and present to this industry we all know and love. The past several years are a fantastic illustration of what great benefit competition brings to the market and we're excited at the prospect of what's to come.'

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