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Comment Sorry Elon, you aren't Ironman (Score 1) 109

What is with the Elon Musk/Ironman comparisons? Last article that I read about the guy, the reporter implied that the Ironman character was BASED on Musk (nevermind that Ironman has probably been around for longer). It almost makes one wonder if he is trying to encourage the comparison, especially with lame videos like the one from TFA. Maybe he's suffering from some grand delusion. Eh, at any rate it's good for an eyeroll or two.

Comment Best quote from entire document (Score 5, Interesting) 337

[redacted] concluded the interview by stating that even though he does not consider Mr. Jobs to be a friend, he (Mr. Jobs) possesses the qualities to assume a high level political position. It was [redacted]'s opinion that honest and integrity are not required qualities to hold such a position. [redacted] recommended him for a position of trust and confidence with the government.

That quote alone is awesome on so many levels I can't even begin to describe the joy and mirth I experienced while reading it.

Comment Re:Oh, Jeez, they're borrowing below market rate! (Score 1) 1065

Untrue. The "good ol' boy" networks exist, but in this case the government has long had restrictions on what a bank's balance sheet needs to look like to stay in business. Yes - the buddy can loan Mr. Pennybags money at 1% but he would have to make up that income elsewhere by loaning everyone else money at 15%. No banker I've ever dealt with would do such a favor for any client, regardless of net worth.

Comment Re:Such systems have been proposed before (Score 1) 1065

Also - it used to be that people would try to skirt the issue by transporting said aircraft to Oregon or whatever tax-friendly state it was registered in on December 31st, and that was enough to satisfy the tax man. However, in recent years this strategy has become much more risky since governments have gotten wise to this tactic.

Comment Re:Performance gets eaten by old software (Score 1) 487

Most of the Gentoo mocking comes from the fact that it's liked by the same people who have transparent windows in their computers with UV-reactive liquid coolant, but it does have its place. I gave an employee an assignment to build a Gentoo system because it was a good way for them to get hands-on experience with the internals of Linux and the command line. Not something you get from installing the latest Ubuntu distro.

Comment Re:Must say... (Score 4, Insightful) 164

I have actually been pretty impressed by the shift in Microsoft's attitude regarding malware in recent years. Not only are vulnerabilities handled more transparently (though, I suspect, not as transparently as they could be), but they've taken an aggressive stance in going after those like botnet providers who are exploiting the exploits. Seems like they finally woke up to the fact that vulnerabilities actually detract from the value of their product.

Comment Re:That's cool, but my one grip still (Score 1) 309

I have had an extended battery for my Droid Incredible since not long after I got it, and was never disappointed with battery life. Then one day, I went back to a (new) standard-sized battery. I haven't gone back. I'm the kind of user that plugs in my phone on the nightstand to charge while I sleep, and even if I forget a night I can generally make it through the next day as well. My usage profile does include quite a bit of widgets, web browsing, et cetera (though no games), and I'm quite satisfied.

I think for a lot of users it's the games or Netflix that does it. Or, living in an area with poor signal quality where the radio power (and power consumption) is automatically increased to compensate. With those situations, I could definitely see someone being disappointed in the battery life - but that's on just about any smartphone platform.

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