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Comment Re:We've Given Up on Poor Kids (Score 1) 196

".....classifying academic performance as central to a child's long term health. ...." This is a great point. I strongly suspect that the above has already been demonstrated in that poor performing kids probably have poorer long-term health outcomes. The question would need to be "is drug-enhanced academic performance at the grade school/highschool level associated with improved long-term health?" Very interesting....

Comment Re:Ethiopa (Score 1) 42

VoIP is at least as important as good roads. I can't of my medical work in Africa without a reliable inexpensive communication system. Shype is great (for now, until M$ creates a Vista version....) Ethiopia could become (or...could have become... the regional economic power. The universities are excellent. The streets are clean. People are hard working and well organized. Even the rural peasants speak English (a legacy from Jah). However, there is holdover from the former socialist system coupled with the short-sighted vision (oh, thats quite an abuse of language) of state control that thames an essential infrastructure tool and crushes it. For /. readers who don't understand the importance of Ethiopia, it is the country of Coffee and the 2 hour offer ritual. Hmmm I'm going to go roast some beans and popcorn...

Comment In eight years, why can't you add an MBA? (Score 1) 226

My PhD (Molecular Bio) was 6 years post BS. I was fast (2.5 years below the median)and worked my tail off. Most of my fellow grad students, however, were hardly early risers or late night workers. Nonetheless, the analytic thinking that I received is terrific and probably a part of every PhD which should make them great employees in a variety of fields where clear, logical thinking is essential. The job hunting problem is that there is not a concrete skill that comes with PhD training. Why not have PhD/MBA or other practical degrees? It is ironic that hands on professional schools (Law, MBA, Medical) all have dual program as a recognition of the varied career trajectories. Why not add one in for PhD?

Comment Re:Infrastructure (Score 5, Informative) 64

I am a physician and I work in africa sometimes. The real treat here is potentially using optics (confocal or OCT) to produce better contrast in a small package. Processing tissue for light microscopy requires a big lab; this device uses reflectance data, not transmission, making it ideal for a hunk of flesh

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