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Comment Re: Oh good more news on the new MBP (Score 1) 319

Everyone had high hopes for a serious upgrade in this MBP. Can you imagine if it had 32GB of ram, gb Ethernet port, usb3 Port/s, bigger battery, kept the magnet charger and they said we made the brave decision of a slightly thicker laptop to accommodate it all. That would be brave and everyone like me who gave up waiting and bought the xps 15 would have laptop envy. Heck I'd consider selling my xps to buy a unit like that from Apple. I'd give them a bravery award for dropping the 15" range and brining back the 17" range in the MBP line.

Submission + - Multiple Police Officers Killed by 2 Snipers at Public Protest (Dallas) (

An anonymous reader writes: All news outlets are breaking the story of 11 officers shot from two elevated positions during an evening protest in Dallas. The protest was organized following killings of black men by police in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis earlier.

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