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Comment Re:A good use for a peacekeeper missile booster (Score 1) 56

You are correct. The peacekeeper needed it because of the mobile basing requirement. Most missiles would sit in a static silo, with the INS having a contant reference that doesn't move. Mobile basing required the need for a better INS system. AIRS is being moved to the Minuteman III for reasons I'm not quite sure, other than they had 50 of them for the MX program, now they built another 600 or so for the entire Minuteman program. Government welfare for the defense industries?

Comment Re:Maybe they know what they are doing (Score 1) 165

And this may yet expose a flaw in deep compartmentalization. Should there be a super-user who can do such searches? Maybe someone that has to get keys from other users to do such a search. I would assume every employee can search their own email. National Geo. could certainly know which employees exchanged email with the NSA, and narrow their request.

Comment Re:NSA (Score 1) 165

NSA drug running? Really? I thought that is what the CIA does to top up the slush fund. That and arms trading. Who know how many Libyan small arms they've just acquired for future distribution when they need deniability.

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