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Journal Journal: The Simpsons "sponsor" in the UK on Channel 4

On sky TV (i.e. cable) the sponsor is Domino's pizza.

Now it has moved onto terrestrial TV (i.e. channel 4) the sponsor is Pizza Hut, and they use the EXACT same format of pre-show advertising. Its quite hilarious!

Pity Domino's and Pizza Hut fucking blow at making pizza's!
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Journal Journal: Slashdot Pop Ups?

Anyone else experiencing this phenomenon?

At 10.35am (GMT) I recieved a pop up from this address:
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Journal Journal: My Donkey Konga critique.....

When playing any mini game, or indeed any level, there is this annoying *pause* where nothing happens before the actual action begins.

Example: The juggling bananas mini game, you get 77 seconds to juggle as many bananas as often as possible. As soon as Ive completed my turn, I want another turn to try and do better, I want to be right in the thick of it immediatly.

But no, the game forces you to wait 20-30 seconds saying *ready*.............................

Ok, so the game needs time to load - but shouldnt they have brought up a loading screen so I knew how long I'd have to wait, instead of sitting in this limbo state everytime Im chomping at the bit to try and beat my previous last score?

Interesting how such a small thing can be the difference between playing a game for that extra 5 minutes or not..........
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Journal Journal: Bukowski

"At the age of 25 most people were finished. A whole god-damned nation of assholes driving automobiles, eating, having babies, doing everything in the worst way possible, like voting for the presidential candidate who reminded them most of themselves."
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Journal Journal: Viz Comic, 25 Years old!

Viz Comic celebrates its 25th anniversary this issue.

For those unfamiliar, its creators are local (i.e. Newcastle, England) chaps who began selling the comic at university bars and punk gigs, as it grew in popularity in the North East, local chain music stores (Virgin, HMV etc) began selling it, even against the wishes of regional managers who ordered them to cease selling local magazines!

In 1990 Viz became the 2nd most popular selling magazine in the UK, only behind a TV listings guide, pumping out over a million copies an issue.

This is a fairly spectacular acheivement given the adult humour of display.

So to Sid the Sexist, Biffa Bacon, the Fat Slags etc. I salute you!
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Journal Journal: Meta Moderating

Am I one of the only people on here who actually enjoys Meta Moderating?

I dont get as much chance to read slashdot as I would like to (due to work/uni/life) Ive got to read some highly intelligent posts which I may have previously either missed altogether, or just breezed over whilst skimming.

Recently Ive been M2'ing 3-4 times a day!
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Journal Journal: 24 tomorrow

This is the first birthday Im actually dreading.

The last 12 months Ive come to dread "events" like xmas, new year or birthdays. Friends who never usually come out all feel obliged to come out, of course seeing friends is never a bad thing, but seeing them knowing that they are merely in your presence as nothing other than a moral obligation makes me feel kinda uneasy, the best times are always, always completely spontaneous, I feel like the next three days have almost been planned to a T.
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Journal Journal: Listening to Chelsea, and dreaming of tomorrow

As I type Chelsea are 2-1 down, 4-3 on aggregate against Monaco in the Champions League, they were 2-0 up, and by all accounts dominating the game, Id love to see them get through, watching fans go bezerk seeing there team victorious gives me such a charge its unreal.

I have a mix of excitement and axiety about tomorrow, apprently Newcastle v Marseille is a "high risk" game, and 700 police officers are on duty for the expected "3000" fans.

Id bet the farm on there being nearly 5,000 fans there, some 2,000 without a ticket, me and my mate being one of them.

If this event passes without incident, Ill be a) surprised and b) very fucking relieved.
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Journal Journal: nufc 2

On Thursday 6th May I head over to France to see my local football (soccer) team Newcastle United play Marseille in the semi final of the UEFA cup.

This is a major event for the city of Newcastle, having not won any trophies for some 30+ years now.

The problem is that we have only been allocated 3,000 tickets, and to my estimation there will be between 5,000 and 6,000 Newcastle fans heading over.
This causes the problem of appoximately 3,000 people without a ticket.

I am one of these people. As I see it I have 2 choices,
1) Obtain a ticket from a tout and pay at least 5 times the face value,
2) Watch the game in a bar in France.

The problem of violence breaking out is a realistic one, the Marseille fans didnt appear to be shy or quiet in Newcastle, and I can only see it being worse on their home turf.

We have booked this entire trip "un-officially" using low cost airlines (easy jet and ryanair) as supposed to using the clubs official transport (i.e. a total rip off).

My current excitement for the game is being diluted by feelings of anxiety over the trouble that may occur.

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