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Journal Journal: Kapla: Spirals

Just building stuff, sometimes continuing the following week: Week 1 Week 2

The booklet had a spiral which took some time to figure out. Basically, 2 pieces in the middle, and 1 on each side of it, which makes it look really cool, and more importantly, supports the turned pieces. They do a slow turn though.

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Journal Journal: 160906 (terrible) 2

Today is Tuesday the sixth of September in 2016, the day of the grace and peace of our Lord, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. The day of salvation, grace, blessing and redemption. If not today, then what other day?

Been away from computers for a few years. Most libraries have committed to photo identification. So, a quick recap since the last time I remember posting.

Comment Re: How about... (Score 1) 455

I like to get high in the desert out on dirt roads where there's no other car within miles, usually.

Border Patrol of course are all around, I'm sure they're spying on me and know I get high. But my pot was all bought legally in US states that have legalized recreational marijuana, so I'm not really contributing to the smuggling they're after.

I drive real slow on those desert roads cuz it's much more fun, when you're stoned, to drive slow and enjoy the journey.

Comment Re:More useless sci-fi (Score 1) 60

It disproves Thermodynamic predictions, again.

Isn't it a bit odd that such an abundant and important substance as water has no equation of state? And it just got weirder. Thermodynamic laws predict simplicity and smooth entropy gain but that fails even for water.

Thermodynamics is dead. Give it up. Find another way to be mean to poors.

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