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Need a zero-volume bottle?

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    I ordered one of these back in 2000, shortly after seeing the front page article. Somewhere I probably still have the invoice, autographed by Cliff.
  • Never noticed before that I've met the founder of this company when he came in 1992 to talk at my college about catching East German hackers with a fake-of-a-fake Star Wars Defense Initiative project.

    The picture is clear though- somewhat graying in the 15 years since I've met him, but the same wild hair. I wonder if he still drinks chocolate milk and eats chocolate bars during talks, only to become very hyper and break wireless microphones.
  • by Otter ( 3800 )
    I'd always thought they had infinite volume...?

    Stoll's humor is a bit irritating in his books (which are nonetheless superb), but this site is hilarious. I love the Mobius scarves, the hats, the "portraits of Gauss" [].

    • "Naturally, The Klein Stein has all the features of Acme's other quality Klein Bottles -- zero volume, nonorientable, 3-dimensionally immersed, and free from any topological boundary conditions. It's made from genuine heat-resistant Borosilicate glass, annealed, stress-relieved, and cooled well below its triple-point.

      Your Klein Stein happily holds steaming hot Kona coffee, ice cold Nepalese ginger tea, and even Ben & Jerry's ice cream. But please do not freeze water in your Klein Stein. For detailed inf

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