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Comment Re: Why do you believe that? (Score 1) 456

When I had to work together with a Chinese postdoc when I was an undergrad student, it took me 2 weeks before I could understand him. Until then, we had to communicate in writing. However, it would have taken both of us much more time to learn Esperanto to a level we could communicate with the same precision.

Funny that a Russian guest professor had the exact same accent Russian spies use in classic spy movies. One thing that Hollywood apparently got right. I had no issues understanding him.

Comment Re: Why do you believe that? (Score 2) 456

That sms popularity seems to ba a US thing, where unlimited sms is the norm, but only there. But Signal is then your solution: includes an sms client. Unfortunately they skipped encrypted sms so I now use Silence as sms app, a Signal fork that retained encrypted sms. Encrypted sms can be usefull as a secure backup option.

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