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Comment Re:Signal not mentioned (Score 1) 46

Meh, I only use Skype because it's some kind of standard in buisiness environments. Had all kinds of login problems lately because I use an "old" Skype account and won't turn it into a Microsoft account. Now that WhatsApp introduced video calls in their beta version I think that's about to change soon around here.

Comment Re:Yeah: like pushing their crap onto captive mark (Score 1) 243

The Turks seem to do pretty well after the Armenian genocide, they're ready to start another one on the Kurds. The Germans, on the other hand, are now so full of guilt that they are infesting Europe with muslim emigrants to be able to feel dood. "Gutmench" (good human in German) has become an insult in the rest of Europe.

Comment Re:Trump 2016! (Score 1) 652

All relegions are evil. However, since a large portion of the US people descends from protestant extremists fleeing Europe when the population grew tired of their oppression and allowed for a more liberal way of life, they are a domestic problem but one unlikely to grow larger with christian immigrants. Muslim terrorism is likjely to increase with muslim immigrants, so they should be discouraged.

Comment Re:Syndromes = we don't know much about it (Score 2) 652

Because the leading class in the west prefers an extrovert personality, many people who would otherwise just be called introvert are now labeled autistic. If that process starts to really take off the term looses most of its meaning (see the ADHD case). If the way society values character traits changes it might even stop to become a problem (homosexuality in civilised countries).

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