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Comment Re: Deliberately missing the forest for the trees (Score 0, Troll) 277

But it's the Brittish own fault as well: why are all those n1ggers in Calais trying to get in the UK? Because they know they won't get trrown out as soon as they're captured. If they got a 1-way ticket back to Calais they would stop trying quickly enough. And don't forget all those members of the former colonies who seem to have easy access to the UK, it's full of pakis there as well.

Comment Re:Scientists and doctors.. (Score 1) 296

You can also drop the ideological dogma that all product research and development has to be done by private companies. Just set up a public company for this kind of research, and the best option would be to revoke any patents granted on medicaal research not used in actual products if that is standing in the way.

Comment Re:Envy is one of the seven deadly sins (Score 1) 408

Oh well, I'm from Europe and new railroads being much more expensive and much less profitable than first estimated is certainly not an unknown phenomenon here. I know 2 Dutch railroad projects that were massively over budget and much less profitable than estimated (a freight transferline), and a complete failure (a high-speed train between Amsterdam and Paris, which is now used by normal trains but no further than Brussels).

Comment More likely he'll be assasinated (Score 1) 273

The chance that Obama will send a sniper or drone is much more likely. He and Hillary are trying to heat up the cold war with Russia for a long time now, so this might be a nice attempt to further it even more. Especially because Putin can't let something like that go because he will be looked at as weak if he does.

Comment Re:This will never happen, even if I want it to. (Score 3, Informative) 273

That's exactly how it DOES work in many EU states, especially when the ruling class doesn't like the outcome of a referendum: for example the referenda in Ireland about the EU "constitution" was done over to get an other outcome, and the outcomes of referenda in The Netherlands about the same and about the treaty with the Ukraine were more or less ignored.

Comment Re: Don't worry (Score 1) 280

The problem for them would be that Trump probably doesn't care much if this leaked, so he can not be blackmailed this way as long as there are no minors involved. And I thought the democrats were so respectfull to u usual sexual orientations, and see them now crying about piss sex. UImagine the uproar if someone would suggest Trump was gay.

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