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Comment Re:There's an important issue of principle here (Score 0) 434

You clearly don't know what "fascist" used to mean: it was an authoritarian form of government where there was no clear distinction between companies and government. Just like the US today. After the fascists in Italy became cozy with the nazis in Germany the meaning of th word has been changed in later years, and it now usually means "any strong government I don't like".

Comment Re:I buy lots of ebooks - Cheap "unix" books on HB (Score 1) 46

> I don't know where to find all of them

Try (register to use the search function). Popular SF is there faster than Amazon can ship it. I downloaded Navigators of Dune the day it came available.
Try Google the title + epub or pdf
Try the pirate bay

I wish I had those resourcs when I was a graduate student, carrying all those heavy books would be replaced by just loading them on a tablet.

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