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Comment Re: World Police? (Score 1) 124

Yes, and Rome was overrun by the Germans who were running for the huns. However, the US is doing well to create more and more wars to wear it down. While no single country might be able to defeat them in any forseeable future, eventually the US will topple under the combined and prolonged war industry.

Comment Re:World Police? (Score 1) 124

> The hacker shouldn't have gone to prison with such a pretty asshole.

Now deliver those NSA spies who hacked into many companies in my country extradited and go to prison for it. And since it seems the new policy of one of your presidential candidates, I suppose we let the US pay for their food too if they want any better than old bread and water.

Comment Re: World Police? (Score 1) 124

All empires eventually fall when the costs to maintain a huge military presence becomes unbearable. We've seen it happen many times, from ancient Persia and Rome to the 3rd Reich and the USSR. Some decay faster than others, but all do. The USA is just the next in line. It may take a few centuries but eventually they will fade into oblivion until a renaissance shakes them up and the cycle continues.

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