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Comment Re:Syndromes = we don't know much about it (Score 1) 410

Because the leading class in the west prefers an extrovert personality, many people who would otherwise just be called introvert are now labeled autistic. If that process starts to really take off the term looses most of its meaning (see the ADHD case). If the way society values character traits changes it might even stop to become a problem (homosexuality in civilised countries).

Comment Re:Trump 2016! (Score 1) 410

Trump has a much more isolationists agenda than proven warmonger (Lybia, Ukraine, Arab spring) Clinton. I think the chances of some stupid projects being started by the government are larger with president Trump, but the chances of starting some more wars of aggression are hugely larger with president Clinton.

Comment Re:mean, median and cautious intelligence (Score 1) 245

And it has to be able to do that by another way than the current Google approach: to completely stop the car if the situation becomes difficult. That's even annoying in a country like the US where most drivers drive slow and predictable and the traffic situation favors cars, but try that in the inner city of Paris, Rome or Manilla. You won't get very far then.

Comment Hitlary must have threatened with reginme change (Score 1) 409

Now that Trump risks loosing the election because some prudes don't like him being rude in private the Ecuadorian government must be getting affraid of the tried and tested concepts of an "orange revolution","spring" or just a simple coup organised by the CIA on a command of Hillary.

Comment Re:learn to live with it (Score 1) 208

The US is getting its payment now from letting Europe participate in all the US wars of aggression and let is deal with the immigrant flows they create. Next time the US invades a country, I suggest we help the invaded country by supplying advanced anti-aircraft missles. That will make the war soon too costly for the US to continue.

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