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Comment Re: Why do you believe that? (Score 1) 456

When I had to work together with a Chinese postdoc when I was an undergrad student, it took me 2 weeks before I could understand him. Until then, we had to communicate in writing. However, it would have taken both of us much more time to learn Esperanto to a level we could communicate with the same precision.

Funny that a Russian guest professor had the exact same accent Russian spies use in classic spy movies. One thing that Hollywood apparently got right. I had no issues understanding him.

Comment Re: Why do you believe that? (Score 2) 456

That sms popularity seems to ba a US thing, where unlimited sms is the norm, but only there. But Signal is then your solution: includes an sms client. Unfortunately they skipped encrypted sms so I now use Silence as sms app, a Signal fork that retained encrypted sms. Encrypted sms can be usefull as a secure backup option.

Comment Re:Stop instant messaging (Score 3, Insightful) 456

SMS is expensive in most countries, and if younwant to add pictures, MMS is even more expensive. So that's not an option. The success of WhatsApp in some countries, with a near 100% coverage, comes from the fact that they were first in a market where the telcos earned tons of money with sms. Now that Facebook is trying to bloat it into Snapchat it remains to be seen for how long though.

Comment Re:Stop instant messaging (Score 1) 456

Not everyone's use case can possibly be covered with one application. You want a ton of non-core options and no security at all? Go for WeChat. You want strict e2e encryption, which makes your app blocked (or at least they try to) in some countries: take Signal (who seems missing in the picture, together with other secure messengers like Wire and Threema).

Comment Re:Genie's out (Score 1, Insightful) 82

Not really, if Uber is forbidden to waste its monmey on some technology that won't work for the next few centuries and even if it does work is way more expensive than the existing technology (human driver) it gets a competitive advantage over the other companies driven by mass hysteria.

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