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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 104

I've got an S7 Edge and it's 534 DPI. If I draw a non-antialiased line, I can still see jaggies, though small, with it about a foot from my face. And when I put it in a Gear VR, the RGB dots are very noticeable.

Comment Re:When I can dock a phone to a monitor (Score 1) 99

It's not supposed to be a desktop replacement. Mobile tech simply isn't there yet. However, it does have a place. It would be quite nice for travel to be able to use a small gadget to plug your phone into a keyboard, mouse and monitor or TV, and have something in between phone and desktop. You could check email, write documents, browse the web, use webapps, write and compile code, etc., all on a larger more comfortable screen than your phone can offer, and without the travel weight or bulk of a laptop. You could then unplug at any point and take your work with you. Or you could connect it to a TV and wireless clicker thing to do a presentation with nothing but your phone and a couple wires.

This really ought to be made into a USB C to HDMI + audio + multiple USB + charger input octopus cable rather than a dock.

Comment Re:Uh, why? (Score 2) 232

>I don't know what the current state of compatibility is for Windows 10

32 bit Windows 10 still runs Windows 3.1 programs. I'm not sure how good the compatibility is, but it works. 64 bit can't run them at all because VM86 mode isn't available from in 64 bit mode on the CPU.

Linux also runs Windows 3.1 programs pretty well, with Wine.

Comment There is a campaign on to remove ALL the features (Score 1) 266

Seriously. Can't use backspace to go back. Can't customize much of anything. And now this.

I get that people click it accidentally, but that's no reason to remove it. Do what they did on Android and have the option, but provide an undo for a few seconds after it's clicked.

Comment Re: Which is more important? (Score 1) 244

I would imagine and sincerely hope the internal and interbank stuff is pretty secure. Many banks' user-facing systems aren't though.

My bank forces me to use a password between 8 and 32 characters long. If I log in from a different machine, they quiz me on things that an attacker could easily look up in public records, like which people I've lived with or which small street I've never heard of is closer to my home. Some banks even ask for selected characters from your password as verification -- which at the very least means they're storing some characters of your password and subtracting from its entropy, and likely means they're storing passwords rather than hashes of them!

Compare to something as relatively unimportant as my Tumblr blog, where I can use longer passwords and proper two-factor authentication using Google Authenticator. And when I was locked out of Facebook, they asked me questions that I could actually answer without referring to Google Maps, yet ones that an attacker would have a harder time answering.

Comment Re:YES (Score 1) 313

Next on TED-Ed: Is water wet?

Every flight I've been on recently has been overbooked. A half hour before boarding they start asking for volunteers to be bumped to the next flight in exchange for a voucher.

And ever since they started with the checked-bag fees, the overhead bins have been overfull and the flight is late taking off because they have to tag and gate-check excess bags for free.

Comment Re:Interesting ... but not things I use much (Score 1) 375

There's a lot to be said about that theme. You can customize freaking everything about it, every color it uses, the width and font of every element. Today you get what, one color choice and maybe an option to change one font. Anything more and you need difficult-to-create themes and hacked theme DLLs.

Comment Re:Canon's Diffractive Optics taken to a new level (Score 1) 60

No. As I understand it, a Fresnel lens works exactly the same as a normal lens, no smaller-than-wavelength metamaterial structures involved. You merely take lateral slices of a normal lens and collapse them to form concentric rings. A Fresnel lens does not give a better image than an equivalent conventional lens. It just reduces the thickness and mass required.

You can use a millimeter thick Fresnel lens to do what would normally need a very thick and heavy conventional lens.

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