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Comment Re:Retail theft, and not the kind you're thinking (Score 1) 990

You get my point, but you defend credit cards because you seem to be able to handle them. The fact is most people can't. And I still contend that you are spending more than you would if you paid cash. As far as the pin stealing thing, you get your money back. Same as a credit card. You go through the same process as if someone stole your credit card. Personal finance is 80% behavior.

Submission + - Microsoft's Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000 (

mikemuch writes: "While it's not as crazy-looking as a combination of the SafeType Keyboard and Zero Tension Mouse would be, Microsoft's offering in the field of ergonomic input devices is a decent start, as ExtremeTech's review of the Natural Desktop 7000 shows. The 2.4GHz wireless mouse and keyboard combo makes a start towards fighting carpal tunnel syndrome by getting your wrists out of the "pronated," or flat, position, and throws in stuff like zooming, 4-way scrolling, and the claim of longer battery life."

Submission + - Steorn's free energy demo delayed

Lisandro writes: "Steorn announced that the demo for its Orbo free-energy technology, which was to be presented at Kinentica Museum in London, complete with a live broadcast with 4 cameras over Internet, has been postponed. Steorn's CEO stated that 'technical problems arose during the installation of the demonstration unit in the display case on Wednesday evening. These problems were primarily due to excessive heat from the lighting in the main display area. Attempts to replace those parts affected by the heat led to further failures and as a result we have to postpone the public demonstration until a future date.' Slasdot covered the original announcement in a previous story."
United States

Submission + - H1-B: Cut the Cap! (

Chris Lindquist writes: "The debate over keeping or raising the current cap on H1-B visas rages on. CIO magazine's publisher Gary Beach proposes another solution: Cut the cap by 50 percent next year, sunset it to oblivion by 2014, and replace guest worker programs with efforts to promote technical education for US students. His rallying cry? "Cut the Cap!""

Submission + - Prince to give new album away for free

Bert the Turtle writes: "The artist formally known as Prince is planning to give his newest album away for free with a major British newspaper and to thousands of gig-goers. Spokespeople for the entertainment industry have suggested that this might incur sanctions. Some more details here"

Microsoft States GPL3 Doesn't Apply to Them 509

pilsner.urquell writes "Microsoft yesterday issued a statement proclaiming that it isn't bound by GPLv3. Groklaw has a very humorous rejoinder to the company's claim. From that article: 'They think they can so declare, like an emperor, and it becomes fiat. It's not so easy. I gather Microsoft's lawyers have begun to discern the GPL pickle they are in. In any case it won't be providing any support or updates or anything at all in connection with those toxic (to them) vouchers it distributed as part of the Novell deal ... These two -- I can't decide if it's an elaborate dance like a tango or more like those games where you place a cloth with numbers on the floor and you have to get into a pretzel with your hands and feet to touch all the right numbers. Whichever it is, Novell and Microsoft keep having to strike the oddest poses to try to get around the GPL. If they think this new announcement has succeeded, I believe they will find they are mistaken. In other words, not to put too fine a point on it, GPLv3 worked.'" EWeek has further analysis of this proclamation.

Submission + - Mozilla Firefox, eBay-edition released (

snecklifter writes: "eBay have released a modified version of Firefox. According to the site: "Keep an eye on your eBay trading wherever you are on the web when you install the Mozilla Firefox eBay-Edition. It's a free tool built with eBay users in mind that will help you get more out of your buying and selling." There is also an extension for those running a vanilla version. More on the features here."
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - DIY Booklet server

Sam Elliot writes: "This guy found the coolest way to reuse his old iBook G3 with a broken screen He practicly choped the iBook in half and wrapped it in a hardcover from and old book... It came out really good looking. Read the how to here"
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - long term storage solution 2

Pesach Yonah writes: "Bluntly: what long-term backup/storage system is A) least prone to bit-rot, and B) most likely to be accessible/readable by ordinary consumer-level (i.e. more or less idiot-proof) hardware 20-30 years from now? Can anyone make a rational prediction on this?"
The Media

Submission + - Pools, Pumps and Modern Technology

realsilly writes: "I've been around pools for much of my life. I love swimming and just like any kid I would always try to swim to the bottom of the pool to touch the drain. I remember the day I created a 3 inch in diameter ball of knotted hair on the top of my head from a powerful pumb. Some of you may have seen the story about the little girl who was disemboweled by a pool filtration system. Here: nclick_check=1 I am curious to know if there is the ability to create better systems with sensors that would shut down so that accidents like this don't happen. Here are some other articles that talk about this problem. mboweled+in+pool+&btnG=Search+News"

Submission + - Developing RIAs using Swing and Spring (

Mauro Carniel writes: "The rise of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) has lately become an important topic in the Java community. In addition to new technologies like AJAX and MacroMedia Flex, the combination of Swing and Java Web Start has also been proposed as a RIA technology.
OpenSwing is an open-source Swing framework that provides an MVC architecture and automates communication between models, views, and controllers by means of Java Beans, directly connected to view components. It also provides a suite of advanced graphics components based on Swing toolkit, with data binding between components and data model.
It is possibile to apply this framework to develop java stand-alone applications, without an underlying database, or to develop more classic two layered client-server applications (front-end + database) or to develop three tiered web applications (i.e. Swing front-end + HTTP + java servlet + database), or to develop distributed rich-client applications (Swing front-end + server side applications remotely accessed via RMI or another protocol + database).
It can be combined with the server-side Spring framework to realize Rich Internet Applications."


Submission + - NLP Scotland Ltd (

NLP Scotland writes: "Glasgow, Scotlan ( Slashdot ) July 02, 2007 Neuro linguistic programming has experienced increased exposure in the last few years, much of which has been attributed to the recognition that it has gained from managers as well as life and business coaches. The technique is considered to be effective in limiting personal boundaries, allowing people to reach their full potential. While the function of NLP is not limited to companies training their employees, the effectiveness of this coupled with the clear financial benefits has lead to rapid growth in this specific aspect of utilising NLP.

Within companies, large and small, ensuring that they manage to attain the most from their staff is a key aspect in strategic development, reducing labour-associated overheads, and increasing sales. Despite that, less than 10% of businesses within the UK train their staff in anything beyond the operations which they will undertake.

Through choosing to invest in NLP training, businesses can experience a tangible difference according to Jeff Goodwin of NLP Scotland NLP Scotland :"in a service based company, for example, when someone manages to work 20% more effectively then you have gained a competitive advantage which you can use to deliver value to your clients or increase margins. In a sales department, the results are also just as tangible when you see employees increasing conversion rates and their total sales tally for the end of the week going up Although these are all goals which NLP can help achieve, it is also important to understand that the value that it offers goes beyond that it can make employees happier, more motivated and more loyal towards serving your goals and their targets."

The techniques that NLP Scotland NLP Scotland employ are treated with such high regard, that they also offer certification programs where by they teach others to be able to train in neuro linguistic programming. While certain providers have slightly different approaches to how they use NLP and implement it, Jeff Goodwin explains the fundamentals that help to define what it means: NLP involves firstly evaluating someone who has achieved excellence, as the client perceives it, in a field in which they would like to improve. NLP is then the process of using that person's success, to improve the clients success by a process called modelling.

About NLP Scotland

NLP Scotland are a neuro linguistic programming (nlp) training and certification provider. As well as being able to offer NLP certification programs, the company also offers an NLP course and hypnotherapy training.

Contact NLP Scotland

NLP Scotland Ltd
The Pentagon Business Centre
36 Washington Street
Glasgow G3 8AZ
Tel: 0141 248 6484"


Submission + - How did DST07 Go?

joekampf writes: "So, today is March 11th. DST07 has started. How has it gone? Has anyone encountered any problems? Anyone completely ignore the problem get bit? Anyone who addressed the problem get bit? Did any planes fall out of the air? Did any power plants blow up? Was this just another media hype?"

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