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Journal SPAM: BTW: Iranian Dates 5

Like every one in the known universe, Iran represents the date as day/month/year. Everyone, except the US who backwards talk do.

In Iran, it is the year 1385, and they don't use CE dates. Iran also rejects the Arab lunar calandar in favor of the Zoroastrian solar year, basing year zero on the hijira date 0 to define the beginning of the epoch.

Iran uses the original "arabic" numerals - not the so-called Arabic numbers in western texts - the numbers forms are in fact Indo-Persian, and they are 'house-proud' about them.

BTW: It was Indian astronomers who invented the zero, abstracted and transmitted to the Arab world by Persians writing treatises in Arabic. Crediting this invention to Arabs is like crediting Thomas More's De Optimo Reipublicae Statu deque Nova Insula Utopia to the Romans.

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BTW: Iranian Dates

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  • Corrects you Yoda's calendar does
    • US munition like this dated would be!

      The funny thing about Yoda, is that he uses Persian grammar, while speaking English. The last word in a Persian sentance is the verb.

      Because of the verb-ending connoting case, tense and declension, this allows for a beautiful richness in rhyming poetry - especially the hreoic couplet form, which often sounds like doggerel in English. Sorry, Byron!
      • ya, saw that picture, pretty weird. Reminds me of staged "protests" against the US I have seen pics of, all the signs in *english*.'s worse, manufactured evidence. In the US when cops do this it is called "flaking", they do it all the time. Usually it consists of dropping bags of dope or a throw away cheap gun they confiscated someplace else. When there is no crime-create it! When there is no disorder-create it! When there is profit to be made-fund all sides! When confronted with the truth, deny and
        • You can bet that they wouldn't pretend to have a Nazi revival in a Goy-dominated demographic area. This is to promote the idea that feelings against Israel and it's policies are identical to the motive and intent of Germany in the 30's. The aim was to disassociate those with legitimate political arguments about Israel from activity - lest they be ideologically linked with Nazis.

          It was also a crude attempt to unite black voters with pro-Israeli causes, which is necessary for the Democrats under lobby influ
  • I spent part of my formative years in India, and we were taught them as "Hindu-Arabic" numerals.

    Was a tad surprised that in the western world, the credit is attributed to Arabia for the numerals (and zero to other cultures).

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