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Comment Server no longer exists on internet (Score 1) 1017

This is a poorly manufactured political story to reinforce the "Trump is a madman" theory. The server that once contained the Clinton emails is in the possession of the FBI and presumably no longer connected to the internet. When it did exist it was a private server of the Clintons in their New York home. The only reason it would have sensitive information on it would be because it was being illegally used to conduct State Department business by the former Secretary of State Clinton. The emails in question would be the ones that were deleted by Secy Clinton's lawyers as being her personal correspondence with friends and family. The story has more holes than four wheels of delicious Swiss cheese. It is an indication of the desperation of supporters of a deeply flawed candidate who claimed the nomination of her party by devious and probably illegal means as described in the emails of the DNC released by Wikileaks.

Comment Wow Darwin must have been an idiot. (Score 1) 559

Successful organisms adapt to the environment or become unsuccessful. The development of feedback systems is a by product of evolution. Most life forms on this little speck of rock have gone extinct, but some are still here evolving our little asses off. People who write studies should read them before publishing.

Comment Re:OK (Score 1) 49

Addicts in recovery know that the only way to recover a useful life is to stop using drugs. This is best achieved by sitting down with other recovering addicts and discussing the methods they have found successful in reclaiming their lives and changing the behaviors that lead to self-destruction. The only one that can change addictive behavior is the addict him/herself. It is not easy and takes a long time. Medical and mental health professionals are useful in helping addicts with physical and mental issues associated with addiction, but they have no addiction cure yet. The good news is that this approach is widely available without charge. The only requirement is a desire to stop using.

Comment Re:Yeey, less than 90% to go (Score 1) 383

Since Microsoft made Windows 10 mandatory and tried to install it against the users' will, more people are looking at alternatives. I have shown some of my friends how easy it is to use linux and they are excited about it. Most prejudices are, how can it be worth anything if it's free and it's too hard to learn. A quick demo can cure those. Windows is currently trying to keep people from android. Free software on mobile devices is their biggest current threat.

Comment Re:Well, duh (Score 2) 554

Executive order 13526 at gives a definitive description of classified material and associated markings. Declassification requirements are also described. Opinion: If an item is classified there would be a record of it being subsequently declassified indicating what authority and when the declassification occurred.

Comment Re:Of course ... (Score 1) 315

If you don't like it, your only choice is to install Linux...

Well not exactly, however, many of the people that I have introduced to linux are amazed that it: 1. Costs $0 vs $119, 2. Has free applications to suit their every need, 3. Is supported by much nicer people than MS products, 4. Is easy to use, not just for geeks anymore, 5. Does not care what you want to do with it within the GPL, 6. Is less vulnerable to cyber crime, 7. Has more flavors than Baskin Robbins, And much more

Comment Re: What a load of BS (Score 1) 572

Just to clear things up, the article was not a comparison of candidates, it was merely pointing out the criminality of one candidate. The only candidate that has been forthcoming about his bad or criminal behavior is Dr Carson. Integrity is not a quality shared by a large percentage of politicians.

Submission + - AMD To Retire Catalyst Control Center Drivers, Rolling Out New Crimson Platform (

MojoKid writes: AMD has gone through significant changes as a company over the last few months. Recently, we've seen them enter into a joint venture with Nantong Fujitsu for final assembly and test operations and form the new Radeon Technologies Group, led by longtime graphics guru Raja Koduri. Today, AMD is announcing another big change, and this one affects a piece of software that you may have running on your systems right now, if there's a Radeon graphics card on board. AMD is ditching Catalyst Control Center in favor of newly architected solutions dubbed Radeon Settings, which is a critical part of what AMD is calling the Radeon Software Crimson Edition. Radeon Software Crimson Edition is completely re-architected and is claimed to offer new features, improvements to stability and responsiveness, and performance improvements as well. The update will include a new Game Manager, video quality presets, social media integration, simplified EF setup, a system notifications tab, and more. It looks as though the first version of the software will be out this month.

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