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Comment Re:Laptop? (Score 1) 120

For that matter, why would they say PlayStation 3 games are coming to PC instead of PlayStation 3 game videos are coming to PC.

Streaming videos of games are not games.

Are you trolling, or just mentally challenged? It's streaming the game, not just a video of the game. It's no different than playing said game any other way other than the processing is all being done 'in the cloud' with only input and display being handled at the endpoint.

Comment Re:Daily winspam (Score 4, Funny) 177

We asked readers last week whether they would update their computers to Windows 10, and the majority of people indicated they wouldn't.

What you should have asked was whether we want more Windows 10 stories.

I shall build a wall to keep the windows 10 stories out. It will be such a great wall that you won't believe how great a wall it is.

Let me guess, you'll make Microsoft pay for it too!

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