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Comment Re:OLED Display? Microsoft make $$$ on this? (Score 1) 26

Now, based on Microsoft's history with personal devices, I would think that the likelihood of this becoming a successful product is between slim and dick.

I don't know. I doubt I'd give up my Android for one of these phones if they ever to hit the streets but as for personal devices, I'm very happy with my Surface 3.

Comment Re: Supply and demand (Score 2) 587

Well, let's see. I'm going to be 50 soon. That's supposedly a detriment in IT. I make a lot more money than my younger colleagues. That's supposed to hurt me too. I don't know an H1B worker who can even do my job, so I guess I must be worth it. Don't get me wrong. The latter probably exists. I just don't see them lining up to replace me.

Comment Re:AT LAST! (Score 1, Insightful) 88

Oh wow! You POSTED A "VLAD IS FAT" REFERENCE! Congratulations!

Just kidding.

Posting Vlad memes is literally the most basic, desperate, tragic, hopelessly-void-of-meaning, outrageously obnoxious, troublesome, costly, and downright pointless cry for help that the universe has ever screamed. Wow, you were born as a merely BORDERLINE retarded member of your species. WOW! INCREDIBLE! You managed to open your web browser and go to Slashdot (which in evolutionary terms, willing translates roughly to "fucking desperate for at least a few reasons") managed to somehow visit Trolltalk and post a "LOCKWOOD IS FAT" reference that was stale in 2001! WOW! This has literally only been taking place for ALMOST TWENTY FUCKING YEARS! WOW! Except guess what, nobody even reads Trolltalk anymore... which means you failed at submitting yourself to an act which means absolutely nothing. The only thing left to do now is kill yourself.

Not nearly as obnoxious as your post.

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