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Comment My goto method back in the day (Score 1) 214

Make you best estimate of the time required, say 1 week. Raise to the next higher unit of time, in this case a month. Double that. Thus, 1 week becomes 2 months. Do not tell this to management, of course. When management says you can do it in 1 month, then you don't have to whine and bitch too much.

Comment I keep saying this over and over and over (Score 1) 319

When you leave the country and intend to return, do NOT take with you any computerized device which has on it any confidential or irreplaceable information. This includes phones, tablets, laptops. If you just cannot live without these devices while out of the country, buy and take with you ones which you do not care about losing. I know, I know, how are you going to amuse yourself without your phone. You could try reading a printed book.

Comment This is idiotic (Score 1) 352

Kids don't need to start coding in 4th grade. It would be far better to start teaching them how to think logically and stepwise; then start teaching them algorithm construction, then data structures, then some of the classic programming problems, like youngest uncle, shortest route, recursion, and suchlike. Once the sticky little darlings have been thru this regimen satisfactorily, then maybe you can teach them to code. Of course, there is the problem of which language do you teach them to code in, and how long will that language be au courant before the next-big-thing language comes along.

Comment An academic is pessimistic about public education? (Score 1) 143

Maybe this gentleman should look at the current state of public education in this country today. It's broken. It's unfixable. The parents don't care if their children get a decent education; the school boards and districts do not care about educating the kids - they care about preserving their jobs; the teachers unions do not care about educating the children - they care only about making life easier for their membership. And the federal and state level bureaucracies don't care either - for the usual and obvious reasons. As for the Gates's and the Zuckerbergs, let them put their charity dollars where they want, but try real hard not to believe that they are experts about anything and don't give any heed to their pontificating. If you want your child to have a good education, send him or her to a quality PRIVATE school. Sending your child to public school qualifies as serious child abuse IMNSHO. As Robert Heinlein wrote decades ago, "Do not handicap your children by making their lives easy".

Comment What he should have done ... (Score 5, Interesting) 399

was politely decline to give passwords without a warrant. Then, if he was not released in a timely manner, make life as difficult as possible for the bureaucrats in question. And if his devices are not returned in a timely manner, make life even more difficult for them. There are devious and not so devious ways to do this, and mostly it isn't difficult. Bureaucrats rely on cooperation from the sheep, and the sheep need to stop being cooperative.

Comment I don't understand (Score 1) 176

all this constant hand wringing about diversity and lack of minorities, etc., etc., ad nauseam, in IT. We should be concerned about (1) getting the brightest AMERICAN CITIZENS (regardless of sex, age, ethnicity, etc., into IT jobs, and (2) keeping the H1B visa quota as low as possible (India et. al. need skilled people working in their home countries not over here). Further, in my day (I'm 68 years of age) the women in IT where I worked outnumbered the men. And most of them were brighter and better than the men. And as I was usually on the interview committees for hiring, the female candidates were usually better qualified and motivated than the males, as so got hired. What happened???

Comment The secret service is a government bureaucracy (Score 1) 169

As such it will not be all that effective at its assigned task. Just as no other government bureaucracy is effective at ITS assigned task. And just because there's been no attempts on POTUS' life does not mean no one has been trying ... Secondly, a truly serious individual or group attempting to kill the president will NOT be using the internet for communications in connection therewith. Amateur individuals and groups will, of course, use whatever means is convenient, including the internet.

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