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Journal Journal: 500th Post

Thought I might as well make a post to mark my 500th post which passed by without me even noticing, If I spent as much time as I do on /. looking after my society and it's website then maybe it'd be a lot better... but I don't so it's not. tut.
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Journal Journal: Post

Well, i've just posted my 250th comment today. That's quite a lot really. I've been doing some meta-modding everytime it tells me I can, just because I think it's nice to help out, but I really want to get mod points - I wonder how long it will take before I actually get some... even when I do get them there are only 5 and they only last 3 days. Oh well, time will tell. here's to the next 250!
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Journal Journal: Friends

So, I have an idea. I'm going to start putting far more people on my friends list than the 0 I have been at, that way, maybe, I might make someone even in the slightest bit happy, and if not... meh. It would also be interesting to see how many of my new "friend-list" buddies actually put me on their friend list (and how many people put me down as enemies...)

UPDATE: well, no one added me, but at least I now have people in my friends list. Sometimes I even get to see some nice colour on the posts of other random people. Cool.
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Journal Journal: nice one!

Great stuff, I just had my first topic accepted, it's about BitTorrent suing people who use their name (in vain?) to promote adware etc. It seems like a sensible move by them, I don't know how the courts will react though if they ever do try it. Still, its good news about having a story accepted... to quote Futurama "yes! I am the greetest... now I must leave for no raisin"
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Journal Journal: Keep on Trolling

I've recently been thinking about what a journal should be for - I was thinking in the shower (which i suppose is a good reason not to put TVs and computers in bathrooms) - I think I've come close to an answer, it should be ostensibly for trolling. By trolling I'm using the wide definition, which includes flamebait or random offtopic stuff. This is obviously something that shouldn't happen on the main page, its disruptive and annoying BUT people often do have random tangential thoughts and the journal should be a place to put those down - after all if someone gets offended they can stop reading it.
One thing I'd like to do though in my journal is break a story thats important and interesting... although because I don't know anyone in the sci/tech industry this will be difficult... ohwell... until then I'll keep on trolling. : ).
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Journal Journal: "good"

Well, the karma has gone up to good, which is good. I was pretty shocked actually, i had been at negative karma to good in less than 2 weeks. Still, it's pretty good. On the subject, I have no idea how its calculated anyway, it seems to me like its not an arithmetic mean of all the numbers... anyway, enough about the karma.
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Journal Journal: climbing the ladder

After a brief period of having negative karma - well not so brief, it lasted for a couple of months - I'm now happy to have "possitive" karma back, which is good because it's coincided with me starting to watch "my name is Earl", and from that I now know its important to keep good karma. Earl has to make is karma up by making up for all the bad things he's done in his life, I only have to make interesting posts to make up for a wee trolling, a couple of off topics, and who could forget the flamebaiting (which was a little unfair, a guy who said "this is not flamebait, he's right" got modded up to 5 for being insightful), ohwell, now its onwards and upwards... who knows, i might get mod points one of these days...
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Journal Journal: Obligatory first post

The first post in anything like this has to be inane, so this should fit right in, its mostly just a way to see how this all works. Here's hoping it all goes well.

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