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Submission + - Obama commutes the sentence of Chelsea Manning (

mi writes: President Obama on Tuesday commuted all but four months of the remaining prison sentence of Chelsea Manning, a sexually-confused army intelligence analyst convicted of a 2010 leak that revealed American military and diplomatic activities across the world, disrupted his administration and brought global prominence to WikiLeaks, the recipient of those disclosures.

The original 35-year sentence was by far the longest punishment ever imposed in the United States for a leak conviction.

Comment Re:... and that's bad, why? (Score 1) 243

I have always thought of Netflix as a bone yard. Movies end up there once they aren't even worthy of the Walmart bargain bin anymore.

This decline in DVD sales and prices has been going on for a VERY long time already.

Blaming it on Netflix is a bit silly.

The idea of a DVD seems quaint to a lot of people these days. I wouldn't buy them myself if I couldn't convert them into nice DRM free files.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Any uptick in hate crimes by Trump-supporters? 3

It has been a while since Trump's win, has there been any evidence of the foretold uptick of hate-crimes by his supporters? And I mean, actual crimes — not just speech — that are real, reported to police and investigated?..

Comment Re:So. (Score 1) 261

Swearing is only "deviant" in some parts of "polite society". This also varies greatly by region. What would be considered mundane in Manhattan would be considered absolutely scandalous in Georgia. Southern hangups are even more extreme than that going beyond what someone on either coast would view as "profane".

This almost sounds like something that snowflakes that have never been out of the suburbs would come up with.

Comment pooh. (Score 1) 261

Assuming you believe lie detector results, it sounds like they were just measuring how honest the participants were about how many naughty words they new. And from that perspective it goes without saying that there would be a correlation between being honest and reporting more words.

Also, as regards holding back on the actual use of naughty words (which, BTW, they didn't measure), they need to consider the difference between "dishonesty" and "manners".

Comment Re: Hey, cable companies: (Score 1) 200

if a government official requires that a private utility (e.g. Cable company) makes concessions to the local community as a condition of having access to that community, how exactly is that ineptitude?

If the would-be ISP walks away as a result, the community is left without that ISP's service. Or, as probably happens too, the company says, Ok, we'll do that — and then some, but in exchange you make sure, no one else ever gets to offer their service in your town. Which, obviously, is also quite damaging to the community. Hence ineptitude. And corruption.

I'd call that doing a good job instead of merely taking the shitty deal the utility likely laid on the table to begin with.

The requirements for everybody ought to be the same and clearly spelled-out. In a country with separation of powers, such requirements can not be left to the executive to formulate.

I'm flabbergasted, I even need to explain this...

Comment Re:Hey, cable companies: (Score 2) 200

If there were high prices and lack of competition in 5 or 10% of locales, then simple corruption and ineptitude would be a reasonable explanation

Why must my methodology differ?

when the problem exists everywhere, you need to look for systemic structural problems.

Indeed it is a system problem. And, according to the article I cited, that problem is the local governments mistreating commercial ISPs. The companies need the governments' cooperation to lay cables, and the local mayors, town councils et al consider it a golden opportunity — to extract favors. The favors are either for themselves (corruption) or for their cities (ineptitude)...

Now, you didn't include the requested citation(s) in your reply. Was that an accident you can promptly rectify, or are you taking back your earlier claim:

99% of the cost of providing service is the trenching


Comment Re:Hey, cable companies: (Score 0) 200

Since 99% of the cost of providing service is the trenching, this will make the market far more competitive.

Citation, please...

Imagine how competitive the package delivery business would be if FedEx, UPS, and USPS each had to build their own network of roads?

Kinda hard to imagine... But I don't think, the conclusion you are trying to project is all that obvious. At any rate, there is a LOT more to package delivery, than roads. There is nothing else to ISP beyond running and maintaining cables (and routers), so your analogy is not valid.

A single network of publicly owned roads fixes that problem, and allows competition to thrive.

The real hurdle to ISP-propagation is the local governments' corruption and ineptitude. Giving them more power will only make things worse.

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