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St. Louis Museum Offers Thrills, Chills, and Lawsuits 140

theodp writes "Despite the whiff of danger, or perhaps because of it, the WSJ reports that the City Museum is one of St. Louis's most popular attractions. Housed in a 10-story brick building, the City Museum shows none of the restraint or quiet typical of most museums. It boasts a five-story jungle gym with two real-life jets kids can climb on, an enclosed Monster Slide that drops riders the length of three staircases, and a rooftop Ferris wheel. Sure, there are the occasional severed fingers and skull fractures, but museum founder Bob Cassilly contends that it is as safe as it can be without being a bore. 'They [lawyers] are taking the fun out of life,' says Cassilly, adding that 'when you have millions of people do something, something's going to happen no matter what you do.'"

Kid Health Experts Attack Video Game Summer Camp 123

Jack Action writes "The University of British Columbia runs a summer camp where kids get to play computer games for three hours a day. The camp organizers say it is 'a good social opportunity for some kids who didn't fit into other programs.' However, health professionals declare they are 'troubled' by the camp. A professor in UBC's department of medicine says kids should be outside and engaged in 'unstructured play,' while the CEO of an NGO that monitors kids' health chimes in that they already spend too much time in front of screens and not exercising. Do the health experts have a point, or are they just criticizing something they don't understand, or perhaps is not to their taste?"

Submission + - Live streaming using just a classic web server

jmlfr writes: The concept is very simple. Windows Media Encoder is used to record a live event. One script is sending the video file, while the recording, to the webserver using progressive FTP transfert (with resume function). On the web server a php script is spliting the file so that only the headers and the lasts video packets are received by WMP or VLC clients. Lag is only 3-5 seconds with VLC, 30-45 seconds with WMP because it use a lot of buffering. Source and scripts (in french) : These scripts are under GPL license.

Submission + - Cheap live streaming for everybody !

jmlfr writes: A new technique of live streaming which does not require a specialized server has been found, a cheap httpd server with php extension is enough to use it. The inventor Jean-Michel LACROIX released the source code under GPL license on (french, google translation hl=fr&ie=UTF8)

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