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Submission + - Diamonds Discovered In Candlelight (

jkcity writes: "It is being reported that a team of researchers has discovered that every second millions of tiny nano diamonds are created and burned as a candle burns and have concluded that this is what gives a candle its sparkly burn. They talk about trying to find a method of trying to extract the diamonds. Intrestingly though the BBC has recently posted a video of them making diamonds using a blowtorch so it seems to me its probably been known about these nano diamonds for a while and the research team just discovered the already known."

Submission + - BBC thinks its ok to take copyrighted things (

jkcity writes: "The BBC has found itself in a spot of bother having to defend itself against taking pictures and content off twitter and other social media sites without permission and also without attributions. There response is that if you post it on a social media site your free to use it anyway you see fit as normal copyright laws don't apply. The BBC is probably not the only major news organztion that does this but only one I can find that has repsonded so far, I guess they are being willingly ignorant."

Submission + - Samsung tablet ban lifted for most of EU ( 1

jkcity writes: "The ban" on sales of Samsung 10.1 tablet have been lifted except for in germany. The un-ban is enforced until 25th august while it is decided if the original court had the power to enforce an EU wide ban and also they will be looking at the evidence submitted which has since come to light as being not 100% accurate. The case could be bogged down in the count for years though"

Submission + - New record for mock space flight (

jkcity writes: "The Sun is reporting that the Mars 500 crew have now broken the record for the longest mission ever enclosed in a metal spacecraft. The spacecraft never went into space though and remained on the ground for the fourteen month mission, instead they have been trying to stimulate the conditions of a real-life mission to the red planet in hopes of helping any future mission."

Submission + - Apple Stops Samsung Galaxy Sales In EU (

jkcity writes: "Apple has manged to get a german court to apply an injunction stopping the sales of Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the EU. Apple is also trying to get an inunction to stop the sales of the samsung tablet in the USA as well. Samsung says the injunction was given without any hearing or presentation of evidence from themselves."

Submission + - EVE Online Has been hacked

jkcity writes: "on the 19/10/2007the EVE Online servers were taken down for 10 hours after it was discovered, that someone had hacked into the CCP network and managed to gain direct entry to the eve online databses and used the access to add stuff to his account in eve online. There were many rumours during the outages as they took down all websites and only form of communication was from IRC chat channels which no one knew if was actually real or not."

Submission + - King of the World MMORPG Bans Men Playing As Women

jkcity writes: "in a bizarre move Aurora Technology the owners of the King of the World MMORPG has taken the unusual step of banning men who play women characters but the ban itself does not stretch to women playing men. If you want to play as a woman now in game you have to prove your a women via web cam. This is something that people ask for in many mmorpgs I myself have seen people say people who play women in EVE online as being some kind of degenerate but how long can a policy of verification by web cam last since its so easy to get around it doesn't seem to solve much and is an insult to many. there is a good blog about it here"

Submission + - Eve online pvp tourament

jkcity writes: "Eve online has started its 4th alliance pvp tournament which is the eve online equivalent of the World Cup . What makes this tourment great though is that you can watch it live for free and enjoy the great studios and commentators. You can also watch past matches from tournament. You don't even have to be an eve player to enjoy watching this great competition. if you have a few hours to kill you'll find watching these battles very fun. Tournament rules are here and current group standings are here."

Submission + - Dinosaurs fate sealed by giant asteroid collision

jkcity writes: "The BBC is reporting that a giant space asteroid collision 160 mil years ago is what sealed the dinosaur's fate. Its research done by Southwest Research Institute by a US-Czech research team. It goes on to say that it caused a double of earths impact rate over the last 160mil years and fragments of the 3km a second collision would have struck Mars, Moon and Venus. 298 Baptistina is currently the largest surviving remnant of the Baptistina family of asteroids(game)"

Submission + - Giant New Telescope To Find Earth Like Planets (

Sableye writes: "A new Giant Telescope has been built by a spanish led group to hopefully help find earth like planets, amongst other things. The telescope itself has taken 7 long years to build and is at an altitude of 2,400m(7,900ft) on the island of La Palma but don'nt expect to get your own anytime soon it cost 130m euros (about $175m). You can view alot of images of the new telescope on there official webpage."

Submission + - BSG: 10 Original Webisodes

jkcity writes: "In preperation for new season 3 of BSG coming october 6th will be releasing 2 new online episodes a week called "The Resistance". Part 1 and part 2 have already been released part 3 will be released tommorrow. The whole series will run for 10 episodes and are vital viewing for any fan."

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