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Comment Re:10 cent downloads for 10 days (Score 1) 178

now this may be different to usa but I live in uk and had this issue alot instead I'd get charged £1 and it got charged on most apps since most don't charge in my local currency so often would end up paying more to the bank than to the actual game developer, this is soemthing i truely believe google needs to fix as ios does not do this but anyway what i did was get myself a pre paid master card and that does not charge the £1 fee I think only a 2% transaction charge or something which is hardly anything certainly alot better than £1 an app. It also has the added beenfit of being limited so worst case scenario you lose your phone/tablet no one can just go buy crazy loads of apps on you, I know on soem phoens the app store can be password protected but its not on android 3.0 tablets and it also stops you accidently clicking one fo them stupid in app purchases for £50.

Comment Re:Release the Kraken! (Score 2) 262

You know its not true not everyone in taiwan thinks they are chinese, some do think of themselves as taiwanese never mind there is abroginal groups there who don't identify with china at all.

Its like saying all americans think of themselves as european.


Submission + - Diamonds Discovered In Candlelight (

jkcity writes: "It is being reported that a team of researchers has discovered that every second millions of tiny nano diamonds are created and burned as a candle burns and have concluded that this is what gives a candle its sparkly burn. They talk about trying to find a method of trying to extract the diamonds. Intrestingly though the BBC has recently posted a video of them making diamonds using a blowtorch so it seems to me its probably been known about these nano diamonds for a while and the research team just discovered the already known."

Submission + - BBC thinks its ok to take copyrighted things (

jkcity writes: "The BBC has found itself in a spot of bother having to defend itself against taking pictures and content off twitter and other social media sites without permission and also without attributions. There response is that if you post it on a social media site your free to use it anyway you see fit as normal copyright laws don't apply. The BBC is probably not the only major news organztion that does this but only one I can find that has repsonded so far, I guess they are being willingly ignorant."

Submission + - Samsung tablet ban lifted for most of EU ( 1

jkcity writes: "The ban" on sales of Samsung 10.1 tablet have been lifted except for in germany. The un-ban is enforced until 25th august while it is decided if the original court had the power to enforce an EU wide ban and also they will be looking at the evidence submitted which has since come to light as being not 100% accurate. The case could be bogged down in the count for years though"

Submission + - New record for mock space flight (

jkcity writes: "The Sun is reporting that the Mars 500 crew have now broken the record for the longest mission ever enclosed in a metal spacecraft. The spacecraft never went into space though and remained on the ground for the fourteen month mission, instead they have been trying to stimulate the conditions of a real-life mission to the red planet in hopes of helping any future mission."

Submission + - Scientists create life using artificial amino acid ( 2

IndigoDarkwolf writes: The Beeb reports that biologists Sebastian Greiss and Jason Chin have genetically modified a multicellular organism (Caenorhabditis elegans, a tiny worm) to combine an amino acid not found in nature into a custom-built protein. The protein created by their genetically-modified worm contained a dye which glows when exposed to UV light. While previous work showed that genetic modification could incorporate non-natural amino acids into custom proteins for single-celled organisms, this is the first time an entire animal has been modified.

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