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Submission + - SPAM: Innovation from NIgeria

jjohn_h writes: Nigerian lawyer Rickey Tarfa knows a trick or two. He kept clients in his car for hours impeding arrest. He tried to impress a lower court with a call from his mobile to a higher court judge. Now he is in the dock himself and shows up with just 90 (ninety) defendants. Are there no innovative lawyers in America and Europe? Do we have to learn from Nigeria?

Submission + - The end of PostGreSQL

jjohn_h writes: Every time some issue related to mySQL comes up, quicker than light the followers and believers of the PostGreSQL church are there to mud the waters. The chant is always the same: PostGreSQL is sooo superior, why use mySQL and why talk of mySQL in the first place. The gods have spoken, it's PostGreSQL and nothing else. Bad news for you, whiners: Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter have extended mySQL to WebScaleSQL. I expected from you a collective harakiri, nothing else:

Submission + - Challenging challenge questions

jjohn_h writes: My NY bank likes to use challenge questions before allowing access to accounts. However, when they do not find their cookie they challenge you with unregistered fancy questions (which of course will lead to failure).

Is this practice actually widespread and what can be done against it? In this particular case, the bank claims 'security reasons' and are unwilling to discuss the issue.

Submission + - Convincing Gnome

jjohn_h writes: Ubuntu 12.04.1 with Gnome Classic as desktop.

I have been searching the net for more than one week to stop
tooltips cluttering my display. I have tried out all advice I found.
Result: total failure. Gnome really thinks that when I point the
mouse to close a window from the its top bar I need a tip "close
window". Works reliably even in non-gtk applications like Firefox,
Opera, Thunderbird.

So the next tip I would like to try is simply a baseball bat on
Havoc Pennington's cranium. Does anybody know his street address?

Submission + - Wayland on its way

jjohn_h writes: Not even two weeks ago, Mark Shuttleworth announced to the stunned Linuxers that Ubuntu would be transitioning from X11 to wayland over a period of four years:

Reactions were mostly positive with a minority of pessimists:

Now wayland is scoring a second hit. The Fedora distro is moving away from X11 to wayland over an unspecified period, but surely if ubuntu is done in four years so will Fedora:

Fedora developer Jackson has evidently learnt from the previous discussion and repeats step by step what is going to be done and why the faint hearted can sleep peacefully:

Any bets about openSUSE?

Submission + - !@#$%Office in

jjohn_h writes: So it is official in the meantime: Oracle is not going to co-operate with The Document Foundation:

That's fine, Oracle, good riddance. But how is the successor to OpenOffice going to survive with a name like !@#$%Office in the namespace of this universe? You can see, I even refuse to spell it out. The recent Slashdot discussion has certainly shown that everybody and his cat dislike the name.

So what can be done about it? Well, let's start a Slashdot contest for an appealing name to the product. And also let's ask The Document Foundation and have the bright guys who came up with that name explain what they are expecting from it.

It is urgent. Another couple of weeks and the chance for a new name to a real free office suite will have passed (free as in freedom). Yes, Slashdot, please, you can give me bad karma but let this post run.

Submission + - patching the linux desktop

jjohn_h writes: If you believe Phoronix

the Linux desktop is going to become responsive. They say it isn't responsive right now in respect to high work loads.

I say it is not responsive under any workload — on the basis of experience with Gnome in Ubuntu, current and previous, on sundry PCs. (I cannot remember KDE 3.5 and I have dumped KDE4.)

Thunderbird, Firefox, Opera, OpenOffice, file managers are sluggish under Gnome, although they (or equivalents) are not under Windows XP on the same hardware. Maybe the applications are to blame and not the desktop? But what about Gnome's Help? That's a help feature that takes seconds to launch and has a latency on each and every click.

After years of usage, I dare say: for common tasks on the same hardware Windows XP is snappy and Gnome is not. Phoronix is expecting relief from a kernel patch for high loads. I wouldn't mind getting relief from any patch for low loads.

Submission + - Midnight Commander 5.0 turns to Mono

jjohn_h writes: Midnight Commander was taken over by a group of young Russians two years ago. 'Taken over' means that they just appropriated the trade mark and developed the code. In the meantime a couple of programmers in E. Europe and Germany have joined the team but the status of the project has not changed. Unclear it was, unclear it is. Founding father and official maintainer Miguel de Icaza was silent on the trade mark issue and appears rarely on the mailing list But now an experimental release 5.0 is out and it is a Mono application with a little README from Miguel stating: >>> This is a C# version of the Midnight Commander that I am using as a testbed for Mono-Curses. Do we have to look at the calendar? If it is serious, is MC's end nigh?
Linux Business

Submission + - Xandros and the Linux Desktop

jjohn_h writes: Remember Xandros? When Corel disintegrated in 2001, Xandros picked up Corel Linux, the Debian based distro pitted against Windows. In Summer 2008 it absorbed Linspire, another Debian based distro explicitely competing against Windows.

It is currently June 2009 and Jordan Smith, product marketing manager for OEM solutions at Xandros, is in Taipeh

to attend Computex and proclaim the new faith: software for small computing devices, including a microbial OS nisted in the BIOS. And their previous Linux vs. Windows desktop focus? Quote:

"We are kind of getting away from being a Linux company, and we are more interested in presenting a user experience... Users don't care about Linux... Doing that general purpose operating system is a nightmare, and you lose your shirt on it."

The quote is a strident variation over a theme of Canonical from

The difference is essentially that Shuttelworth has to pander to the fanboys while Smith is unencumbered in that respect. But what about the fanboys, the observers and the hopeful, i.e. what about us: are we going to take note and reach conclusions?

Submission + - KDE 4 sentenced

jjohn_h writes: "I used to be a KDE user. I thought KDE 4.0 was such a disaster I switched to GNOME. I hate the fact that my right button doesn't do what I want it to do. But the whole "break everything" model is painful for users and they can choose to use something else."

That's exactly what I think and it gives me such a pleasure to hear it from none other than Linus Torvalds:

Since the welcome KDE 4 received was pretty much on this rejecting line, it this time to ruminate about the implications.

(1) Is KDE going to fork and get KDE 3 recompiled with the last Qt version?

(2) Any developments on Gnome being ported to the Qt library? Mark Shuttleworth mentioned it last summer but all he needs to do is to make the bucks available (or would Fedora be recalcitrant?):

(3) How is Novell going to reposition itself since they own both Suse (another name for KDE) and the original Gnome authors (de Icaza et alii)?

And why not a good Slashdot thumb suck: how long it is going to be until KDE 4 market relevance shrinks to XFCE level? Anybody noticed that Xandros has not been updated for more than one year? No KDE, no Xandros,
the end of Corel Linux?

Submission + - The Google Desktop has arrived?

jjohn_h writes: Google has a Linux based operating system for mobile phones, Android. It is open source and two guys have now managed to compile it for an Asus netbook:

Immediately, speculation gets ripe that Android will soon be running on PCs and laptops:

while, needless to say, officialdom is displeased

For my part, I surely hope it is going to happen. Since Android does not rely on X11 but has its own framebuffer graphics that would indeed be a cosmic shift.

Submission + - Language, culture and free software

jjohn_h writes: In his recent interview with the Linux foundation

Linus Torvalds mentions the weak contribution from Asian countries to the kernel and free software in general. A few excerpts:

>>> ... some of them have huge penetration of Internet use, they have a obviously great education and they do not end up contributing a lot to open source ... ... I actually think the cultural barrier is bigger than the language barrier and the reason I say that is especially South America has been pretty active, so it's not that — and they don't necessarily speak English all that much, but I think culturally they're more closer to Europe and the U.S. which makes it easier to enter.

So — and the cultural differences I don't think we even know how to really even approach.

And here are my questions to Slashdotters with extended personal experience in Asian countries:

(1) What would you consider specifically cultural barriers disregarding the language barrier?

(2) Do Asian countries have an internal developer community offering free software in the local languages? Is it comparable in some way to what is happening in USA?

(3) Would economic factors be relevant? For instance, having an own and good performing PC, sufficient space at home, regular power supply, affordable broadband?

(4) Is broadband penetration a good indicator of Internet penetration? I seem to recall a post on Slashdot by an American in Japan. The guy was saying Japanese do not really use the Internet despite their broadband prowess.

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