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Comment please, please... (Score 1) 403

>>> I'd actually prefer it to look like Windows NT/2000/"Classic". That has been, and forever will be, my preferred "working GUI". Right now my Cinnamon setup more or less looks just like it. It's how I make MATE and XFCE look as well. >>>

Please, please tell the world how you managed to overcome the overlay scrollbars, the fading scrollbars, the persistent notification clouds on the desktop, the non-menu and other Cinnamon amenities. I failed.

Comment Appeal to Slashdot: a new name for LibreOffice (Score 1) 137

There seems to be hope that OpenOffice will disappear and leave the field to LibreOffice.

However, LibreOffice has a terrible name and is not alone, you will see occasionally LibreThis and LibreThat.

The issue is that 'free' in Engish may point to free as in beer and free as in freedom.

Please, Slashdot, collect suggestions from readers for a new name. Methinks LibreOffice should morph to FreedomOffice.

Submission + - SPAM: Innovation from NIgeria

jjohn_h writes: Nigerian lawyer Rickey Tarfa knows a trick or two. He kept clients in his car for hours impeding arrest. He tried to impress a lower court with a call from his mobile to a higher court judge. Now he is in the dock himself and shows up with just 90 (ninety) defendants. Are there no innovative lawyers in America and Europe? Do we have to learn from Nigeria?

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