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Submission + - Salt Lake City goes wallet-free with Isis (theregister.co.uk)

jitendraharlalka writes: Operator consortium Isis has selected Salt Lake City as its flagship deployment to show the rest of the USA what NFC can do for them.

The plan will see Salt Lake City's public transport system accepting pay-by-wave from a mobile phone by the middle of next year. Retailers have also been encouraged to adopt Near Field Communications technology at the point of sale, as Salt Lake City strives to become The Place You Can Leave Your Wallet At Home. The Utah Transit Authority already uses proximity payment cards, deployed in 2009, so adding NFC functionality to public transport is a matter of software not hardware.


Submission + - Gestures with multitouch in Ubuntu 10.10 (markshuttleworth.com)

jitendraharlalka writes: "Mark Shuttleworth recently announced on his blog that the first cut of Canonical's UTouch framework is ready and will be available in Ubuntu Maverick. He goes on to reveal about the development of "touch language" by the design team. The "touch language" will allow the chaining of basic gestures to create complex gestures. The approach is quite different from the single magic gestures implemented elsewhere. In Maverick, a few Gtk applications will support gesture-based scrolling."

Comment Confusion likely in Programming sphere (Score 2, Insightful) 443

Oracle's legal action against Google over Android has already created confusion among developers about the future of Java as a platform. And, if Oracle is to able to stop Google from developing Android, Java will likely be avoided by any large companies for their new product. And, now this news that M$ might give up developing .NET any further adds to serve more confusion. With the recent news, there is another programming area likely to be severely hit i.e., the development of Mono. If .NET is gonna stop, it would be difficult to justify any development on Mono. Seems RMS was right again this time in opposing Mono from the very beginning. Only good thing this would serve in long term is more interest of developers in languages like Python, Perl. But, the present developments will definitely add so much of chaos to the programming sphere.

Submission + - Blender 2.53 Beta (blender.org)

An anonymous reader writes: 2.53 Beta of Blender has been released.
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - SPAM: Let them smoke cigars

jups writes: The timing of Nicolas Sarkozy’s latest embarrassment is rather tasty. On the day that he has asked the French to work two more years before retirement, one of his ministers has been caught spending 12,000 euros a year of tax-payers’ money on cigars.
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Submission + - South Korean man leaves suicide note on Twitter (thinq.co.uk)

Th'Inquisitor writes: A South Korean bloke left a suicide note on Twitter before wandering off to hang himself from a ferry dock on the Han river in Seoul.

Police said it was the first time that Twitter had been used in such a way in Korea, as far as they could tell.

A passer-by found the body of Lee Kye-Hwa (27) hanging from the dock of the bay early on Tuesday. Family and friends had been looking for the former disc jockey since Sunday, after he posted his final missive in Korean.

Comment Re:facebook (Score 1) 164

low light should be easy, wire up a lensed white LED pair with one light on each side of the camera, it could even run the lights in sequence to help identify photos or other fake faces

Definitely, there are a lot of things that one can try to overcome poor lighting to make things work. But, that is not the point. The point here is that a manufacturer is not providing you a ready-made solution that one expects. I have got a DELL laptop that has face recognition feature but I hardly use it. Yep, you guessed it right, because of poor lighting (I come from a nation badly struggling with power shortage). I often use it at night (and hence in dark) and have to rely on manual password entry. For me, there is nothing new in the news (and I seriously think the appearance of this story on Slashdot look like a joke). If Lenovo, for example, could solve the problems like one mentioned above or could differentiate between real human and his photograph, then it would have made sense.

Submission + - Help finding a good photo manager?

JeremyDuffy writes: Ask Slashdot: I have an photo project of over 7000 photos. I want to tag them based on location, time of day, who's in them, etc. Doing this by hand one at a time through the Windows 7 interface in explorer is practically madness. There has to be a better way. Is there a photo manager that can easily group and manage file tags? And most importantly, something that stores the tag and other data (description etc) in the FILE not just a database? I don't care if the thing has a database, but the data MUST be in the file so when I upload the files to the Internet, the tags are in place.

Submission + - Twitter sells "Trending Topics" to Advertisers (allthingsd.com)

destinyland writes: Twitter's "Promoted Tweets" platform already allows advertisers to insert ads directly into its users' Twitter feeds. But advertisers will soon also be able to purchase spaces in the "Trending Topics" area of Twitter. The space reserved for tracking topics seeing the most discussion will be sold for "thousands of dollars a day," according to advertisers who've been approached by Twitter, and while it could be a real cash cow for the service, some users argue that Twitter "risks ruining the site if it lets the pursuit of profit interfere with the organic nature of the social network."

Comment The title is misleading (Score 5, Insightful) 157

It is definitely great to know that MySQL is doing great even in Oracle's hands and even Linux is growing in Eclipse User Survey. However, the title of the post is totally misleading as it is merely based on Eclipse User survey and that too with merely 1696 users. Nearly 40% of the respondents came merely from Germany and France (The survey believes this shouldn't bias result but we really have no reason to believe their assumption).

Submission + - Goodbye, freshmeat, we're going to miss you (devx.com)

Roblimo writes: Geek.net, the parent company of SourceForge.net, Slashdot.org, ThinkGeek.com, Geek.com, freshmeat.net, and ohloh.net, has told employees that it will be closing freshmeat.net and ohloh.net. This information has not yet been released to the public, but we've heard it from more than one Geek.net employee. The company also reportedly laid off 25% of its staff this week. After the story was posted at devx.com, a Geek.net Vice President emailed this response to its author: 'If you're asking whether or not the sites are for sale, the answer is no. However, we are looking to create better ways for our community to interact with the information on these sites, likely through SourceForge.'

Comment Re:Don't let reality get in the way of your anger (Score 1) 1217

Yes but they're using Macs. Why not just use netbooks w/Windows 7 Starter? Cheaper for taxpayers and parents alike, and Windows 7 at least prepares them for the corporate world.

Why don't they simply go with Free/Libre Open source? This way one saves a lot, is not stuck to any particular platform and is actually learning something.

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