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Comment Why did the school look at the cell phone? (Score 2, Interesting) 1044

This is what disturbs me in the case. I feel like the whole thing could be thrown out by illegal search laws. I'm sure that the school official had the right to seize the cell phone, but what right did he have to go searching on in the contents of the phone?! In fact, why the hell was he looking around on the phone of a 16-year-old?! What relevance could that possibly have to the issue of the child using a cell phone when he wasn't supposed to be using it?

I feel like a good lawyer will be able to get out of this without too much trouble.

Comment Re:encryption (Score 1) 342

Yes, this sort of thing still occurs in places like China. Remember that, as far as progression goes, China is still quite a few years behind us. We always talk about how bad things have become. No, they've always been bad. Things are getting better. If a cop beat someone up 100 years, do you think there was any remote hope for justice? Hell, no! Things have a long way to go before we live in a Utopian society, but they are certainly improving.


Submission + - World record mobile call from Everest

jefft0 writes: British climber Rod Baber has set a world record by making a mobile phone call from the top of Mount Everest. The calls were made possible when China set up a mobile base station with a line of sight to the north ridge. Making such a call is dangerous as talking into the handset meant he had to remove his oxygen mask. Batteries for the Motorola handset he used were taped to his body to ensure they stayed at a high enough temperature to power the phone.

Submission + - A Linux Computer in Every Garage?

An anonymous reader writes: A U.S. government- and industry-led coalition aiming to equip every car and roadside in America with wirelessly connected computers has tapped Linux for the design of a system that aims to lower driver death rates, reduce traffic jams, and media-enable cars. The project, which is under the auspices of the Vehicle Infrastructure Integration Consortium (VII-C) and funded by the Department of Transportation (DOT), ten state departments of transportation, and seven vehicle manufacturers, has adopted an Linux and open source strategy, at least at the prototype level.
Puzzle Games (Games)

Submission + - Checkers has been Solved

r55man writes: "The Chinook project recently announced that checkers has been solved. Perfect play from both sides results in a draw. From their website:

On May 8, 2007, we were pleased to announce that checkers is now solved. From the standard starting position, Black (who moves first) is guaranteed a draw with perfect play. White (moving second) is also guaranteed a draw, regardless of what Black plays as the opening move. Checkers is the largest game that has been solved to date.

Submission + - What's In A Twinkie?

ctwxman writes: "I grew up on Devil Dogs. Alas, there's no Devil Dog book, but now there is one about Twinkies — nature's perfect food thanks to the miracle of modern science and advanced chemistry! "Why is it you can bake a cake at home with as few as six ingredients, but Twinkies require 39? And why do many of them seem to bear so little resemblance to actual food?" Pure goodness doesn't come easy. Steve Ettlinger is the author of "Twinkie, Deconstructed," the definitive Twinkie story... even without the official help of the keepers of the Twinkie secret. It's all summarized on MSNBC. Before clicking, make sure you have a glass of milk handy."

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