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Comment What I've Learned From My Own Experience (Score 2) 384

I suffered a brain injury at the age of five due to head trauma. I've had several issues over the years including memory and other cognitive problems.
Over the years, I've developed various coping strategies (lists, mnemonic tricks, remapping tasks to take advantage of strengths and minimize weaknesses).
The most useful thing I've learned is that most people have to make up for deficits, and you are not at all unusual.

The advice on exercise and healthy eating make sense in general, but you will also need to create some unfair advantages for yourself. Rather than depending on your own, natural memory, spend some focused time on mnemonic gimmicks. They aren't the same as learning, but they will allow you to carry lists around in your head like the world's most ingenious cheat sheet.

I've had good results with an old copy of You Can Remember By Dr. Bruno Furst. There may be better courses I don't know about, but this one gave me a bag of tricks I use every day to function almost as if I had a normal to exceptional memory.

It's just a bag of tricks though, and only a doctor specializing in cognitive issues related to sleep disorders is likely to be able to help you with the root cause.

Comment Re:50% more free (speech), privacy (Score 4, Interesting) 495

I'm holding out for a US deloyment of Firefox OS

You can buy an unlocked, GSM, ZTE Open Firefox OS phone for $80. I have one. Works fine with an H2O Wireless (cheap AT&T) sim. It's fun and an impressive first release. It handles calls, email, messaging and web browsing fine, but don't expect it to be a complete replacement for an Android phone yet. Still rough around the edges.

Comment Re:Perjury? (Score 1) 199

Isn't making a false statement under the DMCA essentially like perjury? And if it is, why isn't someone being charged criminally?
And don't tell me it's a civil matter, because the *AAs have gotten enforcement of this ramped up to a federal crime.

The only crime that matters is annoying someone with power.
Who with power was annoyed by WB lying?
See? No crime.

Comment Re:I'm on a boat (Score 1) 398

Is it a land yacht? Because tornadoes only occur on land.

They can -- and do -- cross bodies of water. They can even form there. I guess technically, if you're on a boat, you wouldn't get hit by a tornado -- because it's called a "waterspout" when it's over a lake, river, harbor, inlet, canal, bay, ocean, whatever. But it would still ruin your day.

Obligatory "Tornado Strikes Racing Yacht" video:

Comment Re:Morning Workout to a Video and Treadmill Desk (Score 1) 635

> Thanks for the no-duh moment, googling 'treadmill desk' was so obvious.

I actually gave you quite a few specifics. No links, because I didn't intend to promote any particular brand. Normally, I would be happy to give you more detail about the treadmill desk I've used for several years now and how well it's worked out and the issues raised and resolved at work, that sort of thing. Over that time, walking 8 hours a day had a small positive impact on my cardio fitness and a big positive impact on skeletal/muscle resilience and comfort. But your attitude actually makes me enjoy whatever small suffering your life may bring.

You really need to learn how to interact with humans who haven't been paid to pretend they like you.

Comment Morning Workout to a Video and Treadmill Desk (Score 2) 635

I do the Power90 workout with my wife six mornings a week before going to work, then I have a treadmill desk at work where I walk all day as I code, read, surf, post on /. If we have a really early or hectic day ahead we move the workout to before dinner. If we're sick or injured in some way we modify the workout a bit. The big secret is not to push hard, just show up and keep moving. The workout is for cardio and strength, the treadmill desk wiped out any aches and pains and bad posture from hunching over and typing for 20 odd years.

Give yourself three months of drill instructor attitude to get in the habit and aim at 3 years to measure your results, just to avoid any short-term thinking. That worked great for us, and now it's just natural to get up and do it.

That's pretty much all you need.

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