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Submission + - Fix for Nexus One Spotty 3G Signal (

An anonymous reader writes: Even though Google has admitted the T-Mobile 3G issue on the Nexus One, they haven't offered a fix yet. JKONTHERUN found a simple workaround in the phone's settings and now he gets 3G where he didn't before. This is better than the "WCDMA Only" fix because the Nexus One will still work on EDGE when out of the 3G area!

He says "Here at my home office, I’m on the fringe of T-Mobile’s 3G coverage area. Yet, when I test the exact same SIM card here in the old G1 handset, I get full 3G speeds. With the Nexus One, I’m stuck on lowly EDGE service, even though I have the same four bars and signal strength. Clearly, there’s a software issue that’s causing the Nexus One to not “see” the 3G network.
I just did some quick poking around on the handset and made one very small manual adjustment. Guess what — I now have full 3G speeds at this location on my Nexus One!"

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