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Comment Re:breach of contract (Score 1) 207

In other words, all of the other first amendment rights only really make sense when applied to groups of people. But, according to your logic, if any of those groups dare to form a legal entity of a "corporation," we should deny the constituent people making up the corporation those rights to act as a group

A corporation is indeed a collection of individuals, but not all of those individuals should be forced to consent to the political wills of whoever speaks for that corporation. Furthermore, a corporation is not a group that has not come together to lobby the government. It is an arbitrary group that has come together to work. Should the corporation get to use the multiplier effect of me, and hundreds of thousands of other non-consenting workers, to amplify its corporate voice, a voice that individual workers may not agree with? Absolutely not. But that's where we are today in the U.S.

Comment Re:One question I always ask... (Score 1) 453

This is great advice when you're looking for general, solid, all-around engineers. Probably won't apply as much when you're looking for something very specific though.

I am a general purpose software engineer and systems architect. I find solutions to problems. I may touch 5 or more different programming languages in a week, I can't remember every detail of each. But I understand logic, systems design, app design, and programming. I can find what I need. And I look for others to hire exactly as you describe.

Comment Re:Not for me (Score 1) 122

Who has multiple google accounts, and for what?

I have three personal accounts: one for normal use, one for craigslist postings, and one for my music business. I will also have one work account in the next month as we're moving all our email / contacts / calendaring to Google Apps.

I'd like to be able to stay logged into at least two at a time. I imagine plenty of other people would find use for this feature as well.

Comment Re:Painful (Score 2, Informative) 572

The Mac filesystem is case insensitive by default. Yours is set to case-sensitive, so the above example won't work.

I tried to run case-sensitive OS X last year, lasted about 2 weeks. Most stuff worked fine, but my expensive music software (Ableton Live) and a few others things broke. Just wasn't worth it for me.

Comment Still here after all these years (Score 2, Interesting) 443

I don't post nearly as much as I used to, and I don't get mod points as much as I used to either. But I'm always scanning the RSS feed and checking out stories, because I value the discussion here more than anywhere else. The quality of discourse here remains high, which is almost an anomaly in this age of Digg & Facebook, but it's that anomaly that keeps me coming back.

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