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Comment Re:That won't last long... (Score 5, Informative) 818

... the kid was not arrested ...

Purely on a factual level, yes he was arrested, after being questioned for an hour and a half (how is that even possible?), and was taken to a detention centre, fingerprinted, photographed, and questioned further.

He was not charged. Possibly that's what you meant.

Comment For education? (Score 1) 169

All reports seem to state that the use of computers correlates with lower academic performance.

Maybe as a means of distributing open source text books economically to the neglected parts of the world, this might be a winner, but it's difficult to see that it would be more economical than a cheap printing -- a paperback costs little more than USD1 to print.

Comment Re:Back in July - of 2013! (Score 1) 928

It's how your small, self-selecting group bonds. It's how you ensure that your groupthink supports your belief in the quality of your work.

Do you also think that the teams that develop software for aircraft, space systems, nuclear reactors, and other critical systems are shouting insults at each other in order to product "better IT"?

Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 1) 928

On the other hand, a great many men are capable of being competent, professional software developers without fantasising that we're engaged in a macho dick swinging contest. When a community behaves in this this fashion it excludes others from wanting to participate regardless of how skilled they are, and the development community self-selects the small proportion of probably-male developers who are willing to engage in the fantasy.

At the same time, the community will claim that it acts in that way because it promotes some kind of libertarian lord-of-the-flies only-the-strong-survive technical meritocracy, without recognising that others just don't have to play their game.

Comment Re:They reveal themselves ! (Score 1) 65

Your argument, that the presence of an innocent explanation let you consider the advocates to be confidence crooks, is based on your belief that the blueprints were for VH-3.

They were not -- they were for the VH-60, which started coming into service in the mid-let 1980's for VIP duties, nearly 10 years after the Iranian Revolution.

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