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Comment Re:Automatically Holding Up (Score 1) 195

2001 bug has it.
2008 Chrysler has it. It stopped working, would go halfway up then detect "interference" and go back down, took it to dealer, dealer replaced something on other side. Then when I pointed that out he fixed it.
2008 Edge has it, drivers side only. Also has it for up or down of hatch, though it sometimes false-positives interference on the down.

But you can still slam your finger in any door.

I wouldn't want to hack any of those. When I got a new battery for the bug at Batteries+, the listing said "Do Not Even Attempt To Install This For Customer." Installer ignored that, no problem.

I once had a Fiat 128 with a different engine swapped in. The schematics didn't agree with what was there or had been there. In Italian.

Comment Re:Key question (Score 1) 108

Actually, so far...I've not found any jobs that required any Oracle DBA certification as a requirement for work. Maybe for starting out, but for me, job resume experience is what sells you.

I've never been certified, I've taken the classes in the past, but never got around to taking the actual exam, and I've never found it to be a job requirement, nor pay amount factor.

I'm pretty much contracting only these days, so maybe the more beginner W2 jobs value this more, but for now, I find that in general, Oracle Certs are about as worthless as MS certified engineer credentials. You just don't need them really.

Oracle Partners jobs require certs. This is of course all marketing, but marketing is lucrative.

Comment Re:Don't take the fall (Score 1) 308

I've seen another variant of this:

They've dumped it on a contractor because they "knew" it was doomed. Contract not renewed. Six months later, original "hero" is gone, and new contract, with more realistic requirements.

Sometimes what they say they know, what they actually know, and what they come to believe are not congruent.

Comment Re:NEVER (Score 1) 549

Most modern automatic transmissions don't have the necessary hardware to turn the engine. That's why you can't push start them. Computer controlled transmissions have odd fail modes too (like those Lexus that crash and burn because they can't stop).

I had an engine stall in a '69 Cadillac while starting a turn into a driveway. Wound up in neighbor's ivy.

Comment OMG (Score 1) 85

My roommate "predicted" this as part of a speech class in college, early 1975. He also drew up a Fartmobile, tubes coming out from under the seats. He didn't have a solution for the problem that girls don't fart.

Comment Re:This is why... (Score 1) 413

That's not enough:
(bicyclists on the train I commute with knew that guy)

My worst bicycling injury came from kids following grampa up a bike path, swinging out to take up the entire path, forcing me over the lip of the newly paved asphalt path, tearing off my sew-up (yeah, they were the racy thing in the olde days), sending me sliding on my side on the new asphalt, busting both rims, I went into immediate shock. Later, after I got out of the hospital, police laughed when I told them what happened. "Haha, be on the lookout for killer gramps and grandkids!"

And yes, I used to ride on the freeway (101 near Ventura, only way through, semi's blowing past you and sucking you into traffic lanes).

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