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Journal Journal: I wished I had seen this comment earlier...

I just noticed tonight that I had a really good comment about a post I made on the slashdot article for IRS going after paypal money.

Here is what:

Re:Aww, poor tax evaders!
by Whiteox (919863)
I don't think you're racist by definition, but you may be discriminatory by generalising your point of view.
There are people who wrought the system and there are methods that governments can use to find them, fine them and help them find work. However there are those, who by no fault of their own, become disabled and can only work part time or become unemployable due to their disabilities. In a properly functioning society, the society should look after their own. That would be the aged, infirm, young, single parents and so on. That should be a right and not a privilege.
In some countries there are re-training schemes, medical examinations on a regular basis to assess disabilities for everyone classified as disabled, reporting of casual or part time earnings that are checked against employer records and an auditing system for others that fit between the cracks.

Disbandening the welfare system would be a death sentence for most of these people who would have no choice but to become homeless and be looked after by non-governmental agencies like the Salvation Army and similar organisations.
These organisations exist through donations to proper charities by people like you and I.
Also, what would happen to you if you suffered a permanent disability? Or if you become fully redundant?
Where would you go and what would you do if there was no welfare system?

Whiteox clearly has the right idea, however like always I clearly didn't get my point across as I had ment it be.

I did mean to disban the welfare system, because of personal experience. I have faimly that exploits the system, thus the excuse I have for wanting it to be disbanded. It is because of people that exercise the full abilities of these programs, when they are fully capable of getting back onto their feet.

This problem alone can't be solved by just doing one thing or the other, either we keep welfare or disban it.

What would happen if I suffered a disibility. Well I for one have the full right to say I AM disabled, but I don't because I am intelligent enough to learn my way around my physical issues. I was born with a syndrome called ECCD (I'm not even willing to spell it, or even look it up at this hour... but I can say I SO would win at Scrabble with this). I have birth defects, that effect my hands, feet, teeth, and eyes. I am one of the more lucky individules with this syndrome because I don't suffer from the full case of this issue.

Right as I type I have learned to type upto 80wpm, or that I am skillful enough to take any job put my way. How about my new disability. lack of medical coverage, and i have failing eye sight. As it is it is really hard for me to read my 3 17" LCD screens, but i make due, with the understanding that as soon as I can afford it, I'll get the proper attention for my eyes.

Unlike others, I don't concider being an Alcoholic a disability, but I meet people more than often, that tell me they receive SSI, or Social Security checks, for being a lush. WTF!!!?!?!?! I get denied SSI, when I am actually disabled... I smell a law suit but I won't because it will only add more problems for me and those that pay taxes. I'm not a drain to society.

If I came fully redundant, then there goes my job opportunities. but the good news is I am resourceful, I could change carrers on a heartbeat. I'm a IT professional, I also can work on cars, hell I can learn to pickup trash on the side of highways... (I just recently did that task for a job... I was helping a friend, and I even built a fond understanding for those that HAD to work that kind of job.)

Most people that only specialize in ONE thing leave themselves open to disaster, we saw this issue in a previous /. article, about people being outsourced, or loss of job because someone else with 'cross-training' got promoted, and thus person was let go.

Either learn to keep up with the picture or lose it.

Where would I go if there was no welfare system for me to depend on?

Well I would have to get a job now would I? (this was not a negative tone) I would be forced to get a job, or finally get into that career I kept telling my friends that "if only I wern't so lazy I would do this or that..."

As for people WITH disabilities, I am not meaning for them to be left out, I understand if people CAN'T work, then they can't be forced to do so. Its the ones that have "self inflicted" disabilities. Those like teen mothers that continue to get pregnate, and uses that as an excuse that they can't work. Tie the tubes, and adopt the kids to parents that provide a future for those kids, and force that teen mother out.

That alcoholic, that is disabled because he drinks too much... ok this guy should die... this person deserves to end up living on the streets, because at least he wouldn't have people he could abuse other than himself. Maybe it would provide modivation for him to clean up, and do something... (I'm speaking from personal experience, and relating stories)

I'm not requiring people that CAN'T work, out of the support system, I an requiring people capable of, to get into the work system. If we have less of a financial drain in supporting people who necessarely don't need that support, then the needed money CAN goto those that require it.

Its like being redundant. Give money to people that can work, but they spend that money on crap. thus we need more money for more people completely capable but wont. Those that do need the money, don't get it, and thus have harder times pulling out of a bad situation.

I financially, would love to see free money rolling in, but it will never happen unless I make it happen through my own abilities. I bust my ass, and I work hard for the things I have. It really pisses me off when someone will steal from me, take undeserved money from TAX payers, or even belittle me by telling me that they receive money, and never have to work, while I MUST work.

I know there is a easy route for me to take. HELL it would only require me to do one simple thing. STOP.

If I didn't do a single thing, and then wined about it, and getting the government to think i couldn't work, then I would be placed on that said free money system, and then I would never work again.

Know what stops people like you and I, from doing this. It is because we are better than those other people. We are better then those that are disabled, or not willing, because we want to inspire ourselves to better opportunities.

We alone want to be better for ourselves, and those that we support. That is why you and I are working people.

But you know what we don't do... We don't get involed with our politics to force them to make those that WONT, do.

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