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Comment Re:I don't have any you insensitive clod! (Score 1) 188

There is a list.

If you apply for a visa waiver, you will be asked for your social media accounts right now but it is listed as OPTIONAL. There is a list on the visa waiver sites they want you to give details on accounts on, the list has about 30 sites on it as well as an "Other" where you can disclose information about anything else.

It is currently optional, but the question is already there even for visa-waiver countries.

Comment Re:"vacation" (Score 1) 188

All foreign journalists need a visa to go to the US.

Journalists do not qualify for visa free travel, even if they are from a visa waiver country, if they are going to the US for the purpose of journalism. (All other professions can go on business trips to the US visa-free - but journalists have always been excluded from this since the visa waiver program began).

Comment UX "expert" logic (Score 1) 258

What's that thing over there on the wall?

The fire exit?

Yeah the fire exit. I never see anyone use that ugly thing. Board it up.

But I've heard of people using it...

My studies have shown that only 1% of buildings ever use their fire exits! Board it up now and give it a nice white paint job! White is more interesting than color.

Comment Re:That's their job (Score 0, Troll) 448

Most people don't "like" paying taxes and grumble about them except that we all like our smoothly operating first world country with a high standard of living.

It doesn't help that the government has huge amounts of waste, runs an international health service, and pisses away of tax money in "foreign aid" at a time when there is a budgetary deficit in our own country. That really makes one resent extra taxes even more.

Comment I remember thinking... (Score 1) 61

A lot of times when I watched a video and someone has made a typo or something, or just spoken a factual error and used a YouTube annotation to alert the viewer to the known error, thinking "they should've re-uploaded the video. This annotation is totally reliant on a proprietary YouTube technology."

Aaaand now they have. There are gonna be a bunch of mistakes being un-fixed now.

Comment Re:I'd be all for ending it in the UK, except... (Score 1) 352

Who needs the sun to be up at 5:30am?

I can't speak for New England, but in England, the sun hasn't even begin to rise in most of winter an hour before I wake up. If we were always at GMT+1, I would be waking up basically in the middle of the night, which has a negative effect on my mental health. It's really depressing.

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