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Comment Was the DDoS why Akamai discontinued service? (Score 1) 212

Has Akamai come right out and said that the DDoS is the cause of why they are discontinuing service? If that is the reason, well, it's a business decision, but it doesn't look good in their capability to stop DDoS. Another possibility is, did Krebs disclose confidential information that violated his contact with Akamai when he disclosed details? I don't know but that may be another viable reason why Akamai has discontinued services to him or it could be a viable excuse of how he violated his contract allowing them to choose to discontinue services for whatever reason they wish due to the contract being nullified by breech from the customer. Again, I don't know, but it's worth considering that as a possibility.

Comment Canadian vs. USA (Score 1) 385

I'm a dual citizen and about 3 years ago I moved from Miami to Toronto. Canada has had the chip 'n' pin cards and NFC cards longer since, when I moved here, everyone had them and I don't remember seeing them in the states but 6 months after I moved here a friend in Miami told me he had one. I was cautious about the NFC too when I first got my card until I talked to my Financial Adviser at my bank as well learning some details through experience. The Canadian NFC cards are limited to $100 in Canada so if someone steals or clones your card, that is the most they can purchase via NFC. Furthermore, my bank, and from what I understand, all banks in Canada, will instantly cover any reported fraud cases on the NFC purchases. Ask a Financial Adviser at your bank what kind of protection you have against fraudulent NFC charges because if it is anything like it is in Canada than you are very safe against fraudulent use.

Comment How do they know? (Score 1) 408

How does Bell know what people are doing with their VPN? While I realize that encryption isn't, technically, a requirement of VPN, I cannot recall the last time I saw an unencrypted VPN. I vaguely recall that a PPTP server I was using some 9 years ago may have been unencrypted by default but I'm really not certain because that was 9 years ago.

Comment Re: Bullshit (Score 1) 211

Correct me if I'm won't but I thought putting the batteries in series won't increase the electrical output but will make them last longer. Perhaps I misunderstand series. I summer you mean connecting the cathode of one battery to the anode of another battery. Can anyone verify if that's what in series means and, if so, am I right that it means it won't increase the output power. I vaguely seem to recall that a watch battery can stop a elephants heart if you have enough of them and you connect all anodes to anodes and all cathodes to cathodes but I'm not an electrician.

Comment it's not hard (Score 4, Informative) 222

It can be done. Yahoo has the resources and man power to get there but micro managing was mentioned and that's a key problem right there. I have worked with micro managing managers and I have worked with well informed managers who keep abreast of things and is course I have worked with bad managers. Since I have begun managing myself I have seen great results and I DO NOT micro manage. The best managers I have ever had which have lead me to how I manage now are involved and aware and make key management decisions but they do not micro manage and that was key. I do not micro manage and I have seen steady and excellent growth in our business due to how I operate and how the best managers before me operated has lead me down that path. You take micro managers and they are persistent firm of stress in the workplace. They are invasive and cumbersome. On the other hand I have had managers that are the opposite end of the spectrum where they were not involved enough and/or didn't understand the decisions as best as they should have. They lead to very poor management decisions. A good manager not only knows what is best but knows where to ask and where to trust and speaking of trust you need to know your team well so that you can effectively trust their decisions.

Comment If I conquered the world.... (Score 1) 613

...there would be no DST. There wouldn't be any time zones either. We'd all go Zulu (UTC). 12 hour clocks would earn you time in jail. If someone on the opposite end of the planet says call me at 19:30 then you would call them exactly when they had expected to hear from you. You wouldn't need to worry about what time zone they are in, if they even have DST in that country or whether they meant morning or night. It would be hell to get used to, for our generation, but kids growing up with that wouldn't know anything else and it wouldn't be any more difficult for them to learn. I know my generation would have to get used to their bank being open from 15:00-01:00 which would be normal daylight operations and people would b***h about it as being the worst thing ever for 5 years, maybe 10 (except military folk who are used to keeping 24 hour Zulu time ), but we'd adapt and avoid all sorts of issues with our fragmented and bi-annually adjusted time. I've also heard +/- DST times severely increase depression so there's that to. Vote for me as world leader if you like what you've heard.

Comment Re:The answer is no (Score 1) 298

You can give it a lot of names that all imply the same thing. It is not a GPS unless you have explicit written permission to call it a GPS by the D.O.D. or you are creating a GPS receiver that falls within the scope of the licensing guidelines.

An Intel CPU IS an advanced micro device, in the broad scope of definitions, but we don't walk around calling Intel chips AMD and Intel has no right to do so. I could start a bottled water company that refines water from a mountain but I can't call it Mountain Dew either even if it is made from dew on a mountain.

I see no reference on the GPS Wikipedia page where it states GLONASS is a GPS nor do I see it on the GLONASS Wikipedia page where it states GLONASS is a GPS. Those would both be good places to take a hint.

Comment The answer is no (Score 1) 298

Is It Really GPS If It Doesn't Use Satellites?

The answer is no. No it is not GPS If it doesn't use satellites. In fact, even if it does use satellites, it's not GPS unless it uses the data received by the USA DOD GPS satellite transmitters. GPS is a pronoun, a proper name. GPS refers to, specifically and explicitly, the DOD GPS satellite system and anything not relying on the signals transmitted by those specific satellites IS NOT GPS.

Comment Videos (Score 1) 280

I use a few different messaging apps, more then I'd like to use to but not everyone all uses the same one so I have to be diverse. WhatsApp is the only messaging app I have, outside of text messages (MMS), that allows me to send a video directly to someone. I don't need this feature often but when I do, WhatsApp has it.

if I had to pick a favorite it would either be Hangouts or Facebook Messenger due to the fluid nature that I can roam from my phone to PC to tablet, etc, during an active conversation and still be involved with the conversation without being bound to one device or being explicitly bound to just that app.

Both Hangouts and Facebook Messenger can be used via the Pidgin application on my Linux desktop, as well as other applications and OS's, though I have recently switched to the Hangouts extension for Chrome which auto starts when my window manager launches with a systray icron.

Comment Re:Good thing it's dead (Score 3, Informative) 138

HTML, XML, and really the whole SGML family kind of suck-- ugly syntax, annoying to hand-edit, lots of boilerplate, and the list of faults go on. The idea of writing actual programs in such a language is terrifying.

You cannot write programs in any of those. They are not programming languages. They are markup languages. That's why they all have ML in each acronym. It's short for "Markup Language".

Comment Re:fuck you iceland. (Score 1) 684

Agreed. Pornography is a career choice that these people willingly enter. I have a friend who's a female porn star and she loves her work. I don't understand how porn can be considered a violation of anyones civil rights. Let's pretend it is though through some weird black magic the rest of the world doesn't understand, how does it then become a violation of a female porn stars civil rights but not a violation of a male porn stars civil rights?

I'd like to know what they're smoking in Iceland. Can the "expert on pornography" please provide a list of which actresses they have interviewed who claimed porn was a violation of their civil rights and specifically which civil rights they feel were violated and how?

Comment Try taking the solution from the other end (Score 1) 332

I have and I know many of my co-workers and friends have, over the years, gone from working with the data sets via a programming language and a RDBMS and exported the result sets into a spreadsheet format. I don't know if this applies to your question but think about it, if your problems are the lack of programability in a spread sheet then why not take it from the other end and go straight to programming and export your final set into a spreadsheet. You can create an excel spreadsheet from just about any common language these days whether it be VB, C, Perl, Python, Java, PHP, etc. I'm pretty sure you can import from a Excel spreadsheet from all of those same languages as well if that's where you need to import your original data from.

Comment What about the labels? (Score 1) 665

What label are you with and how much did they make off your streaming? I don't know how this applies specifically to streaming but music sales should be at a peak right now despite what the studios and RIAA tell you. I read a story recently which points out that the studios and the RIAA keep complaining that record sales are at an all time low as their argument for how piracy is ruining the music industry but then goes to highlight that yes, while record sales are at an all time low, music sales are not. The industries are raking in large sums of cash for individual song sales via iTunes, etc and their profits are steadily growing each year as they always have been. I don't know how this affects streaming but the point is if the artist makes x money on y service then the label / studio that the artist is with makes many multiples of x on y service.

If you're an independent musician who has no label then on the streaming service, look at the numbers of subscribers your streaming to and compare these numbers to other artists, both successful and low key. Additionally, I've never heard tell of any artist surviving solely based on the money they make through a streaming service. Streaming music is like the 21st century version of radio air time. No artist I have ever heard of has ever been known to make a living from radio time. What about sales (records, iTunes, etc)? What about concerts? What about merchandising? These have all been staples of the music entertainment industry for many generations.

If streaming media really is the 21st century version of radio air time then what has radio air time been to the music industry? Promotions! Radio play and now streaming is promotions. People don't know you so you play your songs on streaming media and while people are listening to a hodge-podge mix of Avant Cello they hear your work and say "Hey! I like this artists. These songs are great! I want to buy that CD / iTunes song" or whatever it is that you sell.

Sorry but while listening to someone complain that the money they make from streaming media isn't enough to survive on, I find this to be as empty and one sided of a view as the RIAA saying that pirates are ruining the entertainment industry because record sales are down. I believe you that you don't make enough there to survive and I believe record sales are down but it's only a small part of a bigger story or as far as the artist is concerned it's only a small part of a bigger story for most of them and if you want to make money then you should follow suit and sell elsewhere, as I mentioned sales, concerts, merchandise, etc.

This sounds like a guy complaining not enough people buy Pepsi to support his store that only sells Pepsi or not enough people need new alternators for a mechanic that only repairs or replaces alternators or not enough people eat ribs for a restaurant that only sells ribs. Expand!

Oh and one more thing. If you have done everything you can to expand into the other areas of profit in the music industry and you still don't make enough to survive, I hardly see that as being the result of dramatic changes in the evolution of the music entertainment industry but instead I realize that not every musician will be successful. Not everyone makes music that has a large enough fan base to survive. Another story old as the ages but some musicians put out great music that everyone wants and go on to success and some musicians don't and never become successful artists. Some musicians start off not making the right music and their success comes later with different styles that become more widely appreciated. Some musicians start off making great music but sell out or stop trying afterwards and start making poor music which leads to them falling out of popularity. Some musicians just never make it as successful artists and spend their days writing jingles for advertising or whatever. In the end their is so much more to the story then the sliver being complained about. I know of many successful independent and studio artists. I know of successful artists who used to be studio and now work independently (Trent Reznor comes to mind) but ultimately I know of many successful artists now who have succeeded from one way or another and continue to remain popular and when they finally retire they will have left a a big mark in their genre and will go on to a successful retirement from all of the work they've done but these are the exception and for every successful artist their are probably hundreds who tried and didn't make it. Make sure you keep a fall back option in case you're not born to be a successful music artist.

By the way, I'm deaf. Literally :-)

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