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Comment Re:Just dumped our U-Verse service... (Score 2) 43

This. My U-verse service was out like every week (tv, interenet, and dvr access to my RECORDINGS). I spent more time trying to get the service fixed than I was actually using it. When the girl asked why I was leaving I basically said I don't think they're even able to provide the service. She half tried to send another tech out, but she knew it was over.

Comment Re:Usenet (Score 5, Insightful) 92

smh. Have you ever thought why they are offering these "extra" services for no extra charge? The end result is you end up getting a bill for services you didn't want. You DON'T have control over this. They can charge you whatever they want regardless of anything they told you. My guess is the internet only option scares them because it's harder to find a way to sneak extra incomprehensible costs into your bill.

Comment Re:The more hated windows 10 is (Score 5, Informative) 232

The problem here is that the Linux version is 150$ more expensive. So basically, you pay more to have a free OS. Sound logical.

You make the mistake of assuming that linux users are linux users because they are cheap. At least for mysself and the others I know that use Linux, we use it because it works better, is more secure, and we like it. I just like Unix and it's linux flavor. That's why my computers are either OSX or Linux. 150 is well worth it to me.

While I agree with you. The parent post is wrong. The $799 laptop with Windows has an i3, 4GB memory, 128 GB SSD. The Ubuntu version has an i5, 8GB memory, 256 GB SSD. Looking on Dell's website, the Windows version is $100 more with the same specs.

Comment Re:You can always roll your own with the motherboa (Score 1) 232

Likely. A while back Dell sold Inspiron 3000 series laptops with Ubuntu installed. For whatever reason they stopped selling them on their website. I asked customer support if there was a difference with the Windows 10 version and he said no. So I bought the Windows version and installed Xubuntu.

But unless you actually want Windows 10 why not just get the Linux version if they offer it? Unless there is some unexpected discount, Windows 10 costs extra (I think $100 extra, but I could be wrong).

Comment Verizon's lame Amazon explanation (Score 2) 209

So Verizon's explanation for how the data got so high is apparently because she accessed Amazon 400 times during that period. So they actually think visiting a website 400 times would account for 560 gigabytes of data? Over a gigabyte per visit. How stupid can they be? More proof that signing up with a company that can just randomly bill you whatever they want is not a good idea. Verizon is stuck in the stone age.

Comment TMobile One Plus unlimited tethering (Score 1) 75

The biggest part of this news for me is the new T-Mobile One Plus plan which gives you unlimited tethering for $95. I have the original unlimited plan which has 7 gigs of tethering for $80. This may be enough for me to switch plans. The only thing I'm not sure about is the it says the tethering is "non-prioritized" LTE. Was tethering always non-prioritized or should I be expecting slower speeds?

Comment Re:Wireless is the future (Score 1) 204

Right.... Until it's YOUR wire that suddenly becomes unreliable. And the numbers game says that YOU aren't very important because you are just ONE out of millions of people who they are "servicing". But of course you aren't the only one having problems. There are many. But the cost of losing ALL of you as a customer was already accounted for in their quarterly profit margin.

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