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Comment Re:I quit using DVR (Score 1) 137

Used to do it. No more. I always ended up having to attentively screw with the remote the hole time and ultimitely FF through the actual game. Also good job at interpreting the word "caught" as something that obviously has nothing to do with anything I'm saying. The main problem is social media. These days many people like to be on social media and comment on the game while it's ongoing. DVRing the game just screws that all up. I've never seen someone use a VCR to time slip the way they do with a DVR. And there's a Seinfeld episode on how stupid it is to record a game that has already been decided.

Comment I quit using DVR (Score 1) 137

The problem with DVRs is if you keep pausing something live eventually you end up so far behind the feed the rest of the time you're just struggling to keep up with it. And you typically don't want to be caught watching a game that has already been decided. Then after the game you have to deal with the hundreds of shows saved on the drive that you feel so obligated to watch to the point where watching TV starts to feel like a chore. I haven't used a DVR in a couple years and don't miss it.

Comment Re:never gave them credit card number (Score 2) 236

How do you know "This did not happen"? IP address is not just a random number, there is a lot of other information google associates with it. But most importantly, google pretty much does what they want for any reason when it comes to their accounts and doesn't tell you why. So unless you wrote all of the algorithms that flag peoples google accounts, you're making things up just as much as the person you quoted.

Comment Re:Just dumped our U-Verse service... (Score 2) 44

This. My U-verse service was out like every week (tv, interenet, and dvr access to my RECORDINGS). I spent more time trying to get the service fixed than I was actually using it. When the girl asked why I was leaving I basically said I don't think they're even able to provide the service. She half tried to send another tech out, but she knew it was over.

Comment Re:Usenet (Score 5, Insightful) 92

smh. Have you ever thought why they are offering these "extra" services for no extra charge? The end result is you end up getting a bill for services you didn't want. You DON'T have control over this. They can charge you whatever they want regardless of anything they told you. My guess is the internet only option scares them because it's harder to find a way to sneak extra incomprehensible costs into your bill.

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