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Comment Re:Better headline (Score 1) 85

I know it's a popular joke, but it's absolutely real. If you are mildly concerned, wire beats crypto wireless, because you can implement crypto wrong a million ways, and implementing a wire wrong is not that common.

So how are you going to go about wiring your cellphone?

Comment It's partly about data plans (Score 1) 170

I think if people could use the same data plans on tablets that they use with their phones the demand would be greater. But as of now, mobile companies are afraid of tablets because they think tablet users would suck away all their precious data. I think some people settle for the smaller phone screen for that reason.

Comment Re:Switch to mobile (Score 1) 173

I'm with you on this. I can only get AT&T Uverse and they pretty much suck. I dropped them for a prepaid T-Mobile hotspot and HD antenna tv. They asked me why I was canceling and I told them because I have no confidence you can even provide your own service. They didn't have much to say after that.

It's more expensive at the moment, but theres no way I'm going back. The reliability and freedom of home mobile is just too good. I don't have to deal with incomprehensible billing practices. I don't have to waste hours on the phone talking to a guy who desperately wants me to unplug and replug my modem for a full hour only to schedule an appointment with a tech (which I already knew was the outcome). I don't have to waste a whole Saturday waiting for a tech who does nothing for an hour as I stare out a window with a tear in my eye. If anything stops working, I know I can get it back working pretty fast. New sim card, new hotspot, new account, new carrier. Whatever works, as long as I don't have to spend one more second on the phone with a guy telling me to unplug and replug my modem.

Comment Re:Sensationalized news (Score 1) 81

I'm assuming any sane businesses are using the Guest Access or Guest Mode feature on their router, which is a separate isolated network, meaning each user connected to it is completely isolated from the other users and only has internet access. They are not actually on the network. It makes no sense the router would accept a login from such a user. I don't use a lot of public networks, but the one I do use, Starbucks, you are completely isolated. You can't just ping random people at will. You have internet access and nothing else.

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