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Comment Day dreaming (Score 3, Insightful) 50

Day dreaming one day cable companies will fight this hard to serve us...

When politicians talk about private sector as the epitome of American perfection, remember private sector without competition and as a state sanctioned monopoly will function exactly like the cable companies.

Comment Re:Just to be clear what that means (Score 1) 228

But then you'd have no employees left. There really should be some level of basic training required/supplied, but most places just won't do it, even if took just an afternoon.

Unfortunately, getting people to switch to a critical and questioning mindset takes more than an afternoon. For many, I don't think it can even be done. This makes protecting the business from its own employees a necessity countermeasure, as long as you can't segment off the insecure users.

Comment Re:...disabled by default... until it's not (Score 1) 260

The majority of Windows systems are corporate workstations, which only need an office suite, PDF reader, and a few corporate-approved applications, typically pushed through SCCM (which I assume will be exempt from this feature).

The problem is that this is true for most PCs, but not all. And it's the ones that need extra software that tend to be business critical.

Comment Summer (Score 1) 76

the Xperia XZ Premium won't be out until late spring or just ahead of the summer

Would that be by American or old world definition of summer?
I'm asking because that difference means a 1.5 month difference in when we can hope to see this.
(American June 21 is first day of summer, old world June 21 is midsummer)

Comment Re:Here's what it means (Score 1) 159

So as a first measure, if source control software add a "salt" at the top of pdf files being checked in, and strip it out when being checked out, this attack would not work. In fact a simple countermeasure could be to salt all files with a prefix block and a suffix block for the purpose of calculating SHA-1.

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