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Comment Re:slashdotters are happy (Score 2) 179

Your argument, such as it is, rests on the assumption that the child in the womb does not have its own right to bodily self-determination. And it's exactly that assumption that pro-lifers disagree with.

Though it certainly is simpler to just assume that those you disagree with are innately evil.

Comment Re:Going Howard Hughes... (Score 1) 117

This could be used to carry large ungainly freight, like lifting a factory-built house onto a mountainside.

And that would buy what over using a helicopter to lift materials, except risk and costs?

Human psyche being what it is, the world's biggest blimp will always primarily be a target. For ridicule and bullets.

Comment Re:I hope he wins his suit (Score 1) 664

An engineer is someone who a received an engineering degree from an academic institution.

Or has passed as a journeyman in an engineering guild, like e.g. clock makers. However, there are precious few engineering guilds left in the world.

(And, of course, those responsible for the engine on a train or boat, but that's a different kind of engineer.)

Comment Re:Myth: Mayer didn't do well for Yahoo! (Score 1) 156

21% growth rate? Per annum? Is it really a big deal? When the first baby is born the family is growing at a dizzying rate of 50% per annum. Adding up all the families growing at this rate, I am sure the world population is going to exceed three quadrillion by the end of next quarter.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 177

God knows how much electric 100,000 fast-charging stations pull. I doubt it's any more environmentally friendly than even 100,000 petrol cars.

Yes, supercharging is much worse for the environment than regular charging. The grids don't deliver enough juice for them at peak, and they have to store energy locally in battery buffers. That's another quite lossy conversion. And supercharging isn't as energy efficient in itself either - the heat loss is larger than with slower charging.
In countries that produce a good part of the electricity from coal and oil, that's not a good thing.

Comment It is a dream!!! (Score 1) 148

It is the dream of every ambulance chasing personal injury lawyers.

They completely killed the personal aviation industry with liability lawsuits. The precedents set are like, "the manufacturer is liable even if there was no way they could have known such an issue could exist when the flying machine was manufactured."

So the relatives first guy to die in this will become millionaires. The sugar daddy vulture capitalists will flee.

Comment Re:Designed in the US, produced elsewhere (Score 1) 78

Ok, we design things in California.

Often that design process is that a US company contacts a design company in Taiwan, which produces a bespoke design for which the real designer will not claim rights to. It's then "Designed in the USA", because someone in the US approved and paid for the design.

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