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Comment I just checked to see what MBPs they accept. (Score 1) 130

Not a deal. All the laptops listed are worth more than $680.00 I was checking to see if my old 2008 macbook pro with the intermittent nvidia issue was accepted. Nope. Most of the laptops listed are still worth over $1200.00 If you really want to "switch teams" then you are better off selling your laptop on Amazon.

Comment I warned about this for years, no one listened. (Score 2) 95

There are plenty of Chinese manufactured connected devices with back doors. I don't trust Foxconn. I wouldn't be suprised if iPhones have back doors as well. As a precaution I NEVER do any financial transactions on my phone. Don't use your social security number and birthday on your phone or unsecured PC or you will face Identity Theft for certian.

Comment Radiation.. weighlessness.. random space debris.. (Score 1) 155

There's many risk during space flight. I'm impressed with our rover track record. what many people don't realize is the martian magnetosphere is very week. It's not strong enough to protect DNA from damaging radiation. The solar and cosmic radiation bombarding mars will need to be dealt with. We've learned how to build a life support system.. but even the ISS needs oxygen, nitrogen, and water and depends on supplies sent. I don't think we have the technology to support a 150 - 300 day flight to Mars (all depends on time of launch). Lets say a the mission starts when mars is closest to the earth. 150 days out. .. 10 days on mars... @ 300 days to make it home. the mission would last at least 1 1/2 years. That's a long time to survive space. Life support systems can fail. return command module can fail. The landing module would need to provide a shelter against the harsh martian environment. Adequate air pressure, oxygen, nitrogen, and protection against solar and cosmic radiation. The martian magnetosphere is very weak. We need that drive we had in the 50s that lead to being the first to land on the moon. we didn't know if our astronauts would make it home then either. We are going to need enough fuel for lift off of mars, break martian gravity and point the spacecraft to earth, and a safe reentry. I am not sure if we have the technology yet.

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