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Submission + - The Job Search Process Is Broken From Start To Finish (joinjune.com) 2

jer2eydevil88 writes: Imagine you are in line for a popular ride at a theme park. Right before your eyes, the passengers on the roller coaster fly off when the roller coaster goes upside down.

The operator screams out, “NEXT IN LINE!”

You have two options:

Say, “NOPE, not getting on that thing.”
Say, “Let’s give it a go. I’m sure the track will be fixed in the next 25 seconds. #YOLO.”
The obviously correct answer is #1. “NOPE” your way out of that ride and theme park.

For inexplicable reasons, job searchers around the world choose #2. They choose to get on a roller coaster that they know is broken. They know that as soon as they sit down in front of the computer to look for a new job they are in for a ride. A ride where they will likely be thrown off, or be stuck several times on different parts of the ride.

The job search process is broken. Really, really broken.

Comment Take it from the horses mouth (Score 2, Interesting) 978

As a computer nerd who lived with a body builder in college let me put this into perspective. 1.) If you eat a lot of food, or if you eat food with a lot of fat in it, then you gain weight. 2.) Losing weight requires a fundamental rethinking of your lifestyle. 3.) If you start doing push-ups, sit-ups and running daily but don't change your lifestyle then you will probably put on additional weight (muscle weighs more than fat). To lose weight you just need a healthy simple plan. Change the types of food you eat and cut calories, then take three days a week to begin working out. I personally lost 55 pounds in 12 months because I was dedicated to the process of getting into shape.

Comment Looking it at from a different angle (Score 1) 296

AT&T is upgrading their network and in the wake the older hardware is performing as well? Big deal. This is the same approach Apple has taken with backwards compatibility and its made their operating system state of the art. If only one carrier in this country could achieve 100+mbps connections because they ignored the masses cries for legacy support I would be a happy camper. In fact everyone on /. would be switching to AT&T if they had a budget cellular data 100+mbps plan that worked nearly everywhere in the country.

Submission + - Hackers Finally Unlock iPhone

nandemoari writes: 2009 has got off to a great start for a team of iPhone enthusiasts with little regard for Apple's licensing requirements. They've finally figured out a way to get the phone to work with any cell phone carrier (and not just AT&T). The iPhone Dev Teamare best known for their work on 'jailbreaking': the technique of altering an iPhone so that you can run any applications on it, not just those approved by Apple. Given the company's questionable vetting policy for entry to the official App store, it's not surprising many users approve of jailbreaking.
The Courts

Submission + - Has RIAA Fired MediaSentry? (p2pnet.net)

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "According to a tantalizing 'unconfirmed' report, it appears that the RIAA has jettisoned MediaSentry (now known as SafeNet) as its 'investigator'. MediaSentry has come under heat in a number of different states for the fact that it was 'investigating' without an investigator's license and invading people's privacy. Earlier this year it was found to have made diametrically conflicting written statements to 2 different tribunals within 30 days of each other, in 1 denying that it was an 'expert witness', in another claiming that it was an 'exert witness'. If the report is accurate, the termination comes at an interesting time, since MediaSentry's investigator is the plaintiffs' only fact witness to prove copyright infringement in Capitol Records v. Thomas, which is now headed for a retrial on March 9th. If he does take the stand, the reasons for his company's termination will be fair game for cross examination. One also has to wonder if it's in any way connected to the puzzling enigma of the New York Attorney General's alleged involvement in the RIAA's recent Wall Street Journal announcement that it would be reducing its p2p file sharing cases to a trickle."

Google, Circa 2001 355

An anonymous reader writes "If you have 10 minutes to spare, take a look at an archive that Google has posted to mark the company's 10th anniversary. The search engine and its results are based on data from 2001, but it's interesting to see what turns up when popular 2008 terms are entered. For instance, iPod generates a reference to Image Proof of Deposit Document Processing System, and the 771 Barack Obama results centered around his duties as an Illinois State Senator."

Comment Steam is a good example (Score 5, Insightful) 81

Valve Games sold through Steam are a good example of what can go right with PC gaming. I am sure they are going to do great things for the modding community as well. Oddly I initially hated Steam when they launched HL2 thanks to the bugs and speed of that product but since that time they have really improved the system. With companies like EA putting more and more DRM into games like Spore I am glad that Valve released Team Fortress with the same lax licensing that accompanied all their previous launches. I also look forward to what http://www.gog.com/ will be bringing to the table in terms of competition for Valve older release title bundles.

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