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Comment Re:Good luck with that (Score 1) 130

The problem is that patents are potentially harmful to all software industry. Companis get patenst to be in a position to trade if attacked. But that only work if the one attacking you have any need for your patents, if you are attacked by patent trolls, there is no remedy but paying their extortion money. The bigger and richer your company is the more likely it is you get attacked. All software industry would be much better off without patents,

Comment Re:You Have To Be Joking! (Score 5, Interesting) 745

Yes, I have to agree, I work for the third largest IT company in the world and they send as many people as they can to attend Android courses. It is a very long time since I saw something this big. Given that there have been very few devices available to consumers I would say 3% market share is amazing.

Comment Re:Citation needed (Score 1) 745

I'm not so sure I would prefer iPhone hardware over e.g. HTC Hero. After all, in iPhone you can't even replace the battery yourself, and that in a phone that have even worse battery life. It is ridiculous. The Hero also feels more solid than the iPhone, I would say the Android, in HTC Hero, have got the Porche the auther of the original article is waiting for. Unfortunately it is a GSM phone so it will not do much good on the US market.

Comment Re:Surprise? (Score 1) 724

Uptime for more than a few months probably doesn't matter in most cases.You probably need to reboot your computer in that timeframe anyway e.g. to install kernel patches to keep up with security updates. If you need that kind of availability you should plan your installation in another way and add redundancy.

The important thing to most people is not if the computer is still running, but if the service it provides is available, and windows Vista most certainly can run for a few months, even old win NT3.51 could do that.

The advantage of Linux here is not that it can stay up much longer, but rather that it doesnt cost an arm and a leg in licence costs to set up some kind of fail-over system to provide uninterupted services if you need to reboot or get an hardware failure. Unfortunately the hardware still costs money though. /uno

Comment Re:Surprise? (Score 5, Insightful) 724

You are right and you are wrong. Yes, it's true that Vista, XP or even Windows 2k are rock solid, but only as long as you don't add third party hardware driveres of dubious quality. Unfortunately many hardware venders don't spend as much effort as they should to develop good drivers. Just using the drivers that comes with windows leaves you with a rather small set of supported hardware, so people install whatever drivers that comes with the hardware they buy, and as a result they get BSOD if they are unlucky, and then they blame Microsoft.

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