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Comment Re:Stop calling it social media (Score 1) 312


I had to take and advanced class in Web/Media and in the first week the professor asked about social media users.

In a class of 40 students I was one of maybe two that was not on social media.

I was asked why I was not on social media and replied, "Ask anyone in this building, or even on this campus about and I will be remembered because I interact with people.
Why do I need social media".

Well, in the ensuing 5 months I was cruising the campus with my new S.O. and was stopped by a formerly fellow student that asked "didn't you graduate 3 months ago?"

I told him "yes, I did and now I am here with my S.O. and going for a walk after having applied for a bunch of jobs during the week".

Now consider: 3 months after I left, and well after hours (even for a college campus) and I remembered the guy's name and he remembered mine"...well, just consider the average social media encounter w/o a name + face.
How much time is left puzzling: "do I know them, like them and all the other BS questions vs. 'Just Keep walking and ignore if not' or talk to them".

Yes, I understand the value of SM, but darned if I did not see the downside of it from the get go.

I am secure enough in my person to care what I think of me and consider your opinion and not give a flying fuck when 98% appropriate.

I.E. Live long and prosper or DIAF, as appropriate. ;)

Comment Re:How is that possible? (Score 4, Insightful) 134

It's not complicated. Zero tolerance just means any infraction. You're trying to be clever by conflating tolerance with blood alcohol level or somesuch. One tolerance would be that one conviction is allowed. It's not complicated.

Also, coffee isn't a drug for the purposes of the law in so far as driving is concerned. Honestly, I don't know what you think you're illuminating here. We probably agree Uber is money pit. But none of the other stuff you said makes any sense.

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