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Comment Re:Better options are available than UBI (Score 1) 883

The distinction between a job guarentee and a UBI in the scenario in the article is trivial.

In one, the government pays you a basic income to survive. In the other, the government pays you a basic income to survive. In both scenarios, actual work is left to the robots.

Comment Re:Question about U.B.I. (Score 1) 883

If you give women access to affordable and effective birth control, and proper education in how to use it, they don't have many children.

You need to average about 2.1 children per woman to replace the previous generation of humans. 2 to replace the humans required to make the child, and 0.1 to cover for infertility, people who die before having children and similar.

The US is at about 2.3...and it's one of the higher rates in the developed world. Much of Western Europe is at roughly 1.8, and is only growing due to immigration. Japan has been below replacement rate for a long time now, and that's causing some severe economic problems. And many African countries have vastly slashed their rate of childbirth via expanded birth control and education.

On average, people don't want to have massive families. It's a hell of a lot of work, even ignoring expenses. Give people (especially women) the tools to avoid it and they will avoid it.

Comment Re:far bigger danger (Score 1) 454

All the national ID card proposals that have been floating around in the US (mostly from Democrats) so far have come along with national citizen databases, and that is a problem.

I'd love to hear your proposal for issuing ID cards with zero tracking of what cards have been issued, and no way to authenticate the card is valid. Or perhaps we can use some Randian magic to make that not require a database.

Yes, and passing European-style welfare laws without European-style government is utter foolishness.

European-style government is not national ID cards. We already have a unique identifier for every US citizen - a Social Security Number. That gets us about 99% of what we'd need to implement "European-style welfare laws". Lack of a national photo ID is not the barrier you imply.

So? It takes hours to get this kind of crap done in Europe as well.

Ok, go ahead and head over to google maps and show me a place in Europe that requires a 2 hour drive by car to the nearest ID office. And if you want to claim wait time or other bureaucratic delays, that comes after the 2 hour drive in places like Alabama.

I see massive "fever swamps" on both the left and the right. You have to be the same kind of illiterate idiot to support Clinton or Sanders as you have to be to support Cruz or Trump.

*Citation Needed.

Comment Re:voting day holiday (Score 1) 454

The problem with your reasoning is you are starting with the assumption that the people running the elections want everyone to vote.

They don't. Especially in districts that heavily favor the opposite party as the state election officials.

None of those problems you listed were statewide. They tended to happen in districts that heavily favor the opposite party as state election officials. Who just happen to underestimate turnout, buy unreliable election systems and are a "tad overzealous at purging the voter rolls"...over and over again.

Comment Re:far bigger danger (Score 2) 454

Well, not in Europe, because possessing (though not necessarily carrying) a government-issued ID is legally required. It's something the US should also consider because it is quite sensible.

This will not pass in the US. The fever swamps believe national ID cards are the first step in rounding up "true patriots" and sending them to the camps. Even though we're all issued Social Security cards...they just don't have a picture so magically they are not evil.

Those same fever swamps are absolutely convinced that all sorts of terrible people are getting fake IDs, so they keep increasing the difficulty to get one. And since the rules change state-by-state, there is little consistency. Even within a state there is little consistency, because state laws are easier to pass than federal.

Hence my example of Colorado confirming my identity via an ID was not good enough for New York to confirm my identity.

Well, what can I say, Europeans deal with it. In fact, the hours for government offices are often shorter and wait times longer than in the US.

Hours of travel time was not an exaggeration.

Part of the way the fever swamps keep "those people" from getting IDs is to reduce the number of locations that issue them. There are many places in the US where a non-drivers-license ID office is at least a two hour drive away. Driver's license offices are better distributed, since they're used by "fine upstanding citizens".

It's quite bizarre how Democrats and progressives in the US keep pointing to everything they like in Europe, but ignore the parts of European government that make progressive policies actually function in Europe (to the degree that they do).

It's because we know things like single-payer are far easier to pass in the US than national ID cards.

Comment Re:far bigger danger (Score 2) 454

Of course, according to Democrats, Americans are too stupid for that.

No, it turns out there are lots of people who can vote who do not have a government ID. And it turns out being able to take off time in the middle of the day to go to an office many hours away when you don't have a car is a tad problematic.

And that's ignoring some of the byzantine "problems" that appear. For example, it took me 9 tries to get my CO drivers license changed to an NY drivers license when I moved. Magically the documentation was never sufficient, and documentation that was good enough on attempt 1 was suddenly not good enough by attempt 3. It couldn't possibly be because I checked the party affiliation opposite of the vast majority of people who lived in that area. It's not like the clerk literally crossed out the motor-voter part of the form on several attempts.

You want to have workers drive to a voter's house to handle all the necessary documentation, including out-of-state birth certificates, at a time of day of the voter's choosing, then go right ahead. If you don't want to pay the massive pile of money for that problem, you're going to have to accept that the right to vote is not attached to the right to drive, or any other government-issued ID.

Comment Re:voting day holiday (Score 3, Insightful) 454

Because there still would be lots of people who can not get a random Tuesday off. They also tend to be the same people who currently have difficulty fitting in waiting in a multi-hour line to vote on a random Tuesday.

If we're going the holiday route, make the election Saturday and Sunday, and require employers to give at least one of those days off (So if you work Saturday, you are off Sunday and vice-versa). Should make it possible for almost everyone to fit in one day or the other. And the extra day would hopefully spread out the load that mysteriously surprises election officials in the certain places over and over again.

Comment Re:What changed? (Score 1) 326

Yeah, clearly I should have organized my first grade class to stop Reagan.

Or maybe the people who actually elected Reagan, all his congressional allies, and then rewarded all his union busting and tax-burden-shifting and fucking-over-the- future could have done something different. And bear some responsibility for not doing something different.

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