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Submission + - Printing Hidden Messages

pershino writes: The BBC is reporting that Fujitsu are pushing a printed image steganography technology that can be decoded using a photographic camera (for example, on a mobile phone) and software that can easily extract hidden data from image. They suggest that uses for this could be to connect the real world to the virtual, allowing companies to provide links to websites and include extra information. However, if the software decoded the image and then treated it as executable code, the world could then be facing a new real-to-digital world virus threat!

Submission + - Digital technologies creat classical music hoax

An anonymous reader writes: The classical music world is in a tizzy today, as it turns out that a recently-lauded pianist — Joyce Hatto — most likely did not play on any of the albums with here name on them. The late pianist, who died in June 2006, had become something of a star in the limited world of small-label classical releases, but some listeners questioned how she could have recorded so many CDs, and how here styles sounded different from one disc to the other. It turns out that some — if not all — of her discs were mere copies of other discs, with occasional digital tweaks, such as speed changes or EQ changes, to make them sound a bit different.

Many critics were fooled, and a minor Hatto-mania ensued following some of the more recent releases, but the digital music CSI teams have proven that some of the discs are simply copies of other recordings.

http://www.mcelhearn.com/article.php?story=2007021 6113905156

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