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Georgia Couple Accused of 'Stalking' Cop They Caught Speeding
Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Georgia couple appeared before a judge Wednesday to answer charges that they allegedly stalked a police officer whom they caught speeding in their neighborhood.

Lee and Teresa Sipple set up a $1,200 system of video cameras and radar outside their home to catch speeders driving through their Bartow County neighborhood, the Cartersville Daily Tribune reports.

The couple clocked Kennesaw police officer Richard Perrone allegedly speeding 17 miles over the speed limit, the Daily Tribune reported.

When the couple called police, they were informed that Perrone would be pressing charges against the couple for stalking.

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On policing the police

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  • This one should make for an interesting case. Methinks the cop is trying to scare the couple. I hope some attorney takes this one pro bono just to make a point.
    • It certainly sounds like intimidation to me. But I've heard stories from other people in Bartow county that make it sound like the most corrupt county government I've ever heard of in my entire life. If this judge doesn't do the right thing, I hope this finds its way into a federal court where a fair hearing may be obtainable. The Good Old Boy network is alive and well in rural Georgia...
    • the article was so thin on details it is amazing.....

      Was the cop on duty in a marked patrol vehicle? Was he responding to a call? Even if lights wern't flashing, he could be responding to a domestic where you approach with out lights so you don't give away your location.

      What time of day / night? Anyone else speeding or just him? Was he in personal vehicle? What are the applicable state laws about recording devices for uninvolved 3rd parties? Are they legal with out being announced (sign saying premise
  • Stalking is mobile.
    At the most, they are guilty of using a stand. :-P

    I hope they sue the officer and the county for malicious prosecution and take every $$.

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