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Comment Virtual crash sculpture (Score 1) 346

Last night I invented a new 21st century art form: VIRTUAL CRASH SCULPTURE. The canvas is Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. What you do is, jack a bunch of cars and crash them into each other. The more the better. Ideally you make them all explode, by parking a bunch of damaged cars together and then ramming into them with a car that's already on fire. It sets off a glorious chain reaction, and when the smoke clears you're left with a garden of charred hulks. I am the Picasso of this new medium. In the future I will use it to comment on gender issues.

Comment This game is art in the truest sense of the word (Score 2, Insightful) 209

I played it a while back and was really blown away by it. It bugs me when people criticize it without having played it. it addresses topics like - the nature of evil - first does evil even mean anything, - bullying & the hell that high school can be (you have final-fantasy style battles with jocks, nerds , etc; also illustrates what the world-view of someone alienated would be like; viewing everybody along these narrow strata) - nature vs nurture, what made these kids snap whereas other kids didn't - delves into their hopes & fears, incidents in the past - you uncover back story like in any other rpg - media - what effect do games like doom and music like NIN have? (you can pick up marilyn manson cds which "create a violent rage", improve your stats) - the drugs that the kids were on - in your inventory is the anti-depressant Excellent use of 8 bit rpg aesthetic. MIDI version of Smells Like Teen Spirit sends chills down my spine. rpgs - good for exploring characters seeing dialog in video game format ("..." press a button "...") distances you from it pretending to be somebody else makes you think about who they were inventory sez hey he was on drugs it risked a lot it was deeply personal

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