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Comment Do NOT buy "New Vegas" on the 360 (and here's why) (Score 2, Insightful) 397

I've spent dozens of hours trying to actually complete this game on the XBox 360, and it's impossible. Given Bethesda's track record, do NOT buy this for consoles - they will not patch these problems. Fortunately there's an active modding community on the PC, and there's a mechanism in-game (again on the PC only) for adjusting broken objects, characters, stories and plotlines on the fly. On the console, you're just screwed:

* Game will eventually corrupt your save game with no chance of recovery.
* Game will eventually start freezing when buying from merchants (especially if you purchase a Caravan playing card)
* Game will crash if certain story choices are made, or will not be completable if certain story choices are made
* Game will crash if certain gameplay choices are made (e.g. don't shoot Caleb McCafferty in the head)
* Game will randomly crash when fast traveling (anywhere, any time. I'd suggest saving often but you'll run a greater risk of save game corruption)
* Game will randomly cause areas of the map to be "dead zones" - entering them triggers a crash (e.g. Nipton)

Bethesda has only acknowledged one of these problems, and it's taken them more than 2 weeks to promise a fix (which they haven't yet). This article is spot-on - don't buy buggy software. Bethesda makes buggy software. Don't buy Bethesda software Q.E.D.


Submission + - Dell buys Linux from Microsoft

An anonymous reader writes: Version2 (a danish newssite for engineers) has just reported that Dell will buy SLES (SuSE Linux Enterprise Server) from Microsoft.
Dell is also starting a campaign to hijack existing Linux users to SLES delivered by Dell (and bought from Microsoft).
Link to story (in danish)

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