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Submission + - Is Samsung Buying Smartphone Market Share? (Blue O (

EcoLeader writes: "Article first published as "Blue Ocean vs. Red Ocean: Is Samsung Buying Smartphone Market Share?" on Technorati.
Who will be the Smartphone King for 2011? An equally important question is: What are each of the smartphone companies doing to capture market share? This article reviews the tectonic shift with each manufacturer’s profit per smartphone from 2010 to 2011 so we can see if there’s a level playing field or if some smartphone makers are trading off price for market share."


Submission + - Astronomers find three exoplanets in old Hubble im ( 1

The Bad Astronomer writes: "Using new software techniques on Hubble data from 1998, astronomers have teased out direct images of three planets orbiting the Sun-like star HR 8799, 130 light years away. These planets were discovered in 2008 using a different telescope, but had been sitting in the Hubble pictures this whole time, invisible due to their proximity to the bright star. Many other images of other stars are available, so it's entirely possible more planets will be found in this way."
The Internet

Submission + - Northern Canada in the Dark (

zentigger writes: At approximately 06:36 EDT Thursday, October 6, 2011, Anik F2 satellite experienced an attitude control issue and lost earth lock affecting C, Ku and Ka services. The satellite went into safety mode and moved from pointing to the earth to pointing to the sun.
This has put most of Northern Canada in the dark as all internet and phone services come in over F2.


Submission + - Alzheimer's Disease Without Amyloid Plaques (

Med-trump writes: Amyloid plaques have long been thought to be the cause of neuron loss in Alzheimer’s disease. Now researchers report that excess of mutated amyloid precursor protein (APP) inside the neurons is sufficient to induce neuron death. The report challenges the notion that amyloid deposits outside of the cells are necessary for neuron death in Alzheimer’s disease. The research was published in a recent issue of The Journal of Neuroscience.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Can you name this app? (

helios17 writes: "Recently, an Austin Texas non profit took on the task of seeking software developers to aid in an application to help autistic kids learn to use a mouse. The HeliOS Project works with all financially disadvantaged kids but recently they have noted that some autistic kids cannot grasp the concept of the mouse. They have begun the development cycle with coders, academics and testers volunteering for the project but the one thing they cannot do is come up with a name for the app. That's why they come to the community at large to give them a hand"

Submission + - Should *Mozilla* Fork Firefox? (

Glyn Moody writes: Against a background of Google Chrome's growing market share in the browser sector, and doubts about Firefox's long-term prospects, Mozilla needs to come up with an effective response. How about going back to the project's roots, and forking the Firefox code? Creating a small, independent team with permission to break all the rules, which would work in direct competition with the main Firefox branch, would give Mozilla the best of both worlds: rapid-fire releases of innovative code plus steady improvement of the main Firefox browser, with the latter adopting features from the former as and when appropriate. After all, if Mozilla doesn't fork Firefox, somebody else probably will...

Submission + - UK finally waking up from Surveillance state? (

rutter writes: Finally a good story about the UK and civil liberties. The new Deputy Prime Minster of the UK, Liberal Democrats leader Nick Clegg, is heading a complete revision of government policy and setting the agenda regarding surveillance, data collection and storage, and a new British bill of rights to complement the European Convention on Human Rights. The Independent reports:

In a speech in London Mr Clegg will promise a "wholesale, big bang" rather than piecemeal approach, including:
* scrapping the identity card scheme and second generation biometric passports;
* removing limits on the rights to peaceful protest;
* a bonfire of unnecessary laws;
* a block on pointless new criminal offences;
* internet and email records not to be held without reason;
* closed-circuit television to be properly regulated;
* new controls over the DNA database, such as on the storage of innocent people's DNA;
* axeing the ContactPoint children's database;
* schools will not take children's fingerprints without asking for parental consent;
* reviewing the libel laws to protect freedom of speech.

Submission + - Nick Clegg - "Tell us the laws you want scrapped"

An anonymous reader writes: An outbreak of sanity in the UK is causing concern about the mental health of politicians. It is expected that the men in white coats will move quickly to quash this momentary blip and normal service will be resumed shortly.

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